The Nostalgia of Summer Reading #MondayBlogs #SummerReading

What is your favorite genre for summer reading? Do you have a special fond memory of a book you loved in the summer reading season?



Ah summer. where the days are long and the nights are short and the season we’ve been looking forward to all year is finally here! Summer! And summer means READING!

Is just always been the case. When the days get hotter, we want to get lost in another world! Even from a century ago:

One August day, more than a hundred summers ago, The Boston Globe sent a reporter to the library to find out what the city was reading. The year was 1894, and a helpful librarian supplied a list of books checked out the day before: one title from history, two from science, none from biography, and a staggering 52 from fiction. “I could tell by looking at a library record what season of the year it was,” the librarian remarked, “even if the date was not attached.
-The Boston Globe

So what IS it about the summer that makes us love fiction so much? Let’s think about it:

  • Escaping The Heat
  • Dog Days of Daydreaming
  • Entertainment: With School Out, it can get boring!
  • Beach Reads
  • Reading While Traveling
  • Reading on the Run
  • Reading While Waiting

So what do YOU think it is about summer that makes us love reading so much? Leave a comment and let’s chat!




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