Top 10 Tips on Coping With Overthinking as a Creative! #MondayBlogs

Greetings everyone! And welcome to my Monday series called Inspire to Cre8te where we deep dive into the behind the scenes of creativity including Mental Health of creatives, time management tips and more to help you feel motivated and not-alone in your creative journey!

Today we are talking about Overthinking!

Overthinking can be a killer for your muse as creatives. It can cause confusion, it can cause self-doubt, imposter syndrome or uncertainty if the project your working on is even with finishing or publishing. It can make you feel stuck.

In a Psychology Today article, they officially defined Overthinking as:

“Overthinking is a prominent characteristic of worry, rumination, and obsessive thinking.” Psychology Today then goes on to say: “…that many people have concluded that overthinking is part of their personality; they’ve not realized that strategies are available to counter this anxiety-indusing habit.”

Some writers at first might consider Overthinking a good thing because of plotting and character development needed to write their stories. And while plotting is super important, that’s not exactly what Overthinking is.

Overthinking is more like invasive thoughts that take away space in your brain for creativity.

So, what does Overthinking look like? While Overthinking can look like or have different experiences between person to person as every individual is unique, some common signs include:

  • Spending too much time on one thought or a recurring singular thought
  • Unable to relax or sleep
  • Thinking about the same thought on repeat
  • Stuck in Analysis-Paralysis
  • Unable to work on a project because too busy thinking rather than acting
  • Dwelling on the project instead of working on it

As you can imagine, it’s extremely frustrating thinking about a project rather than actually working on it, no matter how motivated or inspired you might be for the project. Sometimes it can make you feel stuck or like your letting yourself down. Yeah, if you couldn’t tell, this girl knows the feeling of Overthinking oh too well! You might say it’s the reason I haven’t been very creative the last few years. But, that could be another post for another Monday!

However, that is why I wanted to talk about Overthinking today. Because sometimes it does help knowing you’re not the only one going through it. Also, by talking about it helps normalizing talking about the mental health of creative minds, which can help spark ideas and help creatives be more productive and inspired.

So what do you think? Is Overthinking just part of some people’s personalities? Or is there actually some things that can be done about it?

Well, to quote the 11th Doctor: “I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes, and the dreamer of impossible dreams.”

Luckily, managing overthinking is in fact, possible. Here are 10 tips to get you started.

  • Start With Mindfulness. Sounds super simple but just becoming aware of the problem can help change your thinking pattern.
  • Question if the thoughts are helpful or even true. The brain loves our inner-critic and sometimes, often times, the criticism isn’t even true.
  • Try at least one action a day towards your project. Start small and build up to make creativity a habit!
  • Examine the worth of your goal: is this a good idea or just something to make me feel busy?
  • Review your WHY or your North Star. Remembering what got your excited in the first place or who you are doing it for really helps create that first spark all over again.
  • Talk about Overthinking or creativity with other creatives. I know when I’m in a creative Twitter Space, I can’t help but get even more creative!
  • Seek a therapist. Bonus if they specialize in creative individuals or Overthinking and/or Anxiety.
  • Join an accountability group! Having someone with the same creative goals as you can help you both make them!
  • Change up your working space. Does the space you create in inspire you? Even adding a plant or something simple can help shake it up!
  • Movement Every Day & Stay Hydrated! Don’t forget to take care of your body! Sometimes when we feel stuck we just need a little MOVEMENT and some good old H20 to get that noggin cooking again!

So those are just some of my thoughts on Overthinking. I know when I started researching about it, not just for this article but for myself too; it did help me become aware about it. I started falling down a rabbit hole of YouTube channels that specialized in Overthinking and how you could stop it. Here are a couple of super motivating videos that helped me: here and here for just some starters! Like mentioned, it does help not feeling like you’re the only one. Because that can lead to feeling like a “freak” or “weird” – which aren’t very helpful thoughts!

So go out there, talk to some other creative folks and get your inspiration again! Because thinking about being inspired and working on being inspired aren’t exactly the same thing. And YOU DESERVE your project to be completed!

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Don’t Wait until New Year to Start Your Goals! Because There’s Never a Perfect Time To Start! (Fitness, Creative)

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while and I’ve actually been working on this post / video all night. Might be a late Monday Blogs posting but I didn’t want to wait until next week to get this post up! Check out my YouTube video above for full reason why!

But the main reason why is there is a familiar saying, even if I might be paraphrasing it: don’t wait for things to be in perfect conditions. Start now.

And that’s why this Blog / YouTube channel got so behind. Not because of lack of ideas. Because I never felt “ready”. Either not good enough to be on camera or nothing good enough for my reader’s time. I tell you, that’s an awful feeling!

But the other major goal that has suffered from the “wait for the right time” syndrome has been my fitness goals. Because in 2020 Lockdown I gained 45 pounds. Yes, 45! And I’m on a MISSION for 2022 to lose 65 pounds to shed off my Covid weight once and for all!

Now I got Apple Fitness + back in march and my results haven’t been that great. But I don’t blame the App, because I haven’t put in my full effort! I didn’t workout every weekday like I wanted, I made excuses, and I didn’t follow through on a lot of work-out’s that I might have been able to do if I just tried.

About a year ago, a former neighbor of my parents donated their old Elliptical machine because they were moving. My dad asked if I wanted it and I said sure. But sadly it was too wide to fit into the bedroom (that’s what she said!) where my hand-me-down treadmill is so we had to stick it in the garage (that’s what she said?). So not ideal for working out, in the garage. There’s a ragtag team of spiders out to get me, the elements, neighbors who might hear me pant and wheeze … yeah, lots going on. Ain’t no five star gym that’s for sure. Not even a two star gym!

But tonight I said enough is enough! I might not have a fancy workout bike (looking at you, Peloton!) but another common saying I like is: work with what you have. And what I have is an old dusty Elliptical.

So I literally cleaned off the cobwebs, found a couple of extension cords to power her up, and well, the video has the results!

So yeah, check out the video and let me know what YOUR 2022 goals are! At the end of the video, I proposed an accountability challenge! So if your up for 10-30 minutes of any workout’s M-F let me know in the comments and we can cheer each other on!

Creative Geeky Tribe, let’s do this!

Take care everyone & be safe!


The Nostalgia of Summer Reading #MondayBlogs #SummerReading


Ah summer. where the days are long and the nights are short and the season we’ve been looking forward to all year is finally here! Summer! And summer means READING!

Is just always been the case. When the days get hotter, we want to get lost in another world! Even from a century ago:

One August day, more than a hundred summers ago, The Boston Globe sent a reporter to the library to find out what the city was reading. The year was 1894, and a helpful librarian supplied a list of books checked out the day before: one title from history, two from science, none from biography, and a staggering 52 from fiction. “I could tell by looking at a library record what season of the year it was,” the librarian remarked, “even if the date was not attached.
-The Boston Globe

So what IS it about the summer that makes us love fiction so much? Let’s think about it:

  • Escaping The Heat
  • Dog Days of Daydreaming
  • Entertainment: With School Out, it can get boring!
  • Beach Reads
  • Reading While Traveling
  • Reading on the Run
  • Reading While Waiting

So what do YOU think it is about summer that makes us love reading so much? Leave a comment and let’s chat!