Back to the Basics! BLOGGING! Or – why I don’t have a fancy URL anymore.


Well, it’s been an interesting blogging journey for me for sure.


Back in 2012 I started a little blog called Life, Muse and Coffee. It was a successful enough blog when I kept up with it. It had musings, coffee reviews, author interviews, book interviews, writing tips, writing updates Steampunk goodness and random crap in between. And it was a site and it was awesome.

Then in 2014 I decided to get fancy. I wanted the plugins. So I switched to I hated it.

I missed the social aspects of the Plain and simple.

What social aspects of

Well, the sharing feature, the like feature, and I don’t know why but I always got more comments on my site versus the other one.

And most importantly: the community feature 

Because my blog is really about you guys. The community. Us authors, creatives and geeks got to stick together! 

So I’m starting over. I’m pretending I’m a brand new blogger, bravely peeking her head awkwardly into the scary world of the internet. It’s terrifying, and also a little bit exciting.

I’ve been divided on my focus the last few years. Trying to get taken off on YouTube, Instagram and blogging no wonder I’ve been going mad. I’m going back to the basics. Forget fancy editing. Forget fancy makeup. Forget flair on the blog. I’m going back to 2012.

Because 2012 Claire was fearless. She didn’t care as much about doing it right. She didn’t care about fancy widgets, plug-in’s and SEO.

2012 Claire was passionate and excited about her writing. She had a million ideas and was connecting with other writers of the internet. Then 2013 Claire got bad to advise that it’s the readers that matter, and don’t get focused on the other writers. Then she got obsessed on trying to be like the readers.

But I’m not an avid reader. And I’m not like the other bloggers. And I’m not fancy like the other YouTubers.

I am me. And I’m going back to the basics. I’m going back to 2012.

I’m going back to the passion!

So that’s it. That’s why I have a long-ass url in 2018. With BITLY I figured it doesn’t really matter. Even without BITLY, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is the content. What matters is the consistency. What matters is the passion.

But what matters most is YOU GUYS.

So let’s do this together! Let’s start a community of mad, passionate creative people who want less flair and more heart and go back to the basics, together.

Join me, won’t you?

Hit that subscribe button, and we’ll take the journey of creativity together!

So until next time, stay creative!