Productivity Services For Creatives

Claire Cre8tes Productivity Coaching Will Organize the Hours in YOUR Day So You Can Say Goodbye to Can't & Hello to DONE!

Being Creative is AWESOME! But you know what’s less awesome? Not having any time to create, or not having time to do anything else! Like eating. Sleeping. Or being socially acceptable hygienic. You know, like showering.

Not even mentioning your compounding to-do-list! How long ago was it since you checked off EVERYTHING off your list?

What if you had more hours in the day to do what you LOVE to do and what you HAVE to do? Those “adulting” things that get in the way of your Best Creative Life?

*in Morpheus voice* What if I told you, there was enough time to do it ALL?

Not a morning person? Don’t worry, we can work around that. Because I’m #TeamNightOwl too!

Are you an #EarlyBird and hate staying up late? Not to worry, I got your feathered back!

How is it possible to do it all?

By putting your creativity first! WITHOUT sacrificing everything else.

With a custom digital plan hour-by-hour (with wiggle room for laziness and unpredictable setbacks) you’ll find yourself saying hello to DONE and GOODBYE to CAN’T.

And because I believe that everyone deserves to have their Best Creative Life my productivity services are AFFORDABLE. Why break the bank to do what you love? All you need is a little planning, a lot of encouragement from someone who has been there, and a blueprint to your Best Creative Life!

How do I know what you’re going through? Because I’ve struggled fitting in creativity too!

I spent SIX YEARS crafting the Quest of the Prodigy time travel novel, and I kick myself for doing so. I kept changing major plot points, instead of trusting the one I originally had. I keep thinking …

What if I hadn’t spent so long on the multiple re-writes?

What if I had someone to keep me accountable on my goals?

What if I had someone to show me the way of making SENSIBLE GOALS that didn’t get in the way of work, family and friends?

What if it was possible to be a dutiful employee, a doting daughter and sister and a sociable friend?

AND could still have time to fulfill my passion? Is that even possible? 

Well with a PRODUCTIVITY COACH it certainly is! And my speciality is time. Not only time management, but fitting your LIFE around your PASSION so you can do it all! 

“More to do, than can ever be done…” 
-The Lion King

But what if it COULD all be done? I believe it is possible. We all have 24 hours in a day. We just have to plan masterfully. Without constricting the creative muse!

The key is to have a Discovery Session so I can find out when your peak creative time during the day is, and your must-have’s on your schedule (if it’s Netflix, great! We’ll work around that too!) so you don’t have to feel the overwhelm of having a passion project or even MULTIPLE passion projects.

With a proper map for all your goals and milestones to make that happen, you will feel like you have a friend who truly gets your “weird” creativity and wants you to succeed! 

From personalized schedules and milestones to accountability options you won’t find anywhere else; to grade-school style report cards to keep you on track and motived … Claire Cre8tes is the solution to your creative stress you’ve been looking for!

Want to Be Creative But Just No Time? With My Help We'll MAKE Time Without Sacrificing Doing Everything You Love and HAVE To Do!

$19.99 / month
  • Customized Plan for your Project Including Deadlines, Accountability & Daily + Monthly Plans!
  • 3 MILESTONE Check-In's Per Month With Custom Workbooks. Have someone who CARES about YOU check in on you!!!
  • 3 Motivating Text Messages or WAKE UP CALLS (literally will call you to wake you up) per week
  • Custom BLUEPRINT to your project's success!
  • Motivating Support Throughout the Project or Month
  • Access to My Exclusive Facebook Group

Conquer Busyness & Do More With Claire Cre8tes!