Claire Cre8tes Services

Claire Cre8tes Services

You Know How Important Consistent Content on Social Media Is! You Must Create Everyday to Stay Fresh in the Minds of Your Ideal Customers So You’re First in Line When They’re Ready to Buy! You Also Want Your Brand’s Message to Reach As Much Audience as Possible!

But Who Has Time to Post Several Times a Day, Create Inspiring Content, and Publish Often on Their Blog?

Letting Me Do The Heavy Lifting For You, In YOUR Own Voice; Allows You To Be Two Places at Once! 

Your Followers Will Love Seeing Your Updates, And You’ll Love The Tons of HOURS You’ll Save Every Week!

What Would You Do With Two Extra Hours Per Day You’re Not Spending Keeping Up to Date on Instagram & Your Blog?

Order Today To Lock in My Low 2019 Rates of $19.99 for Each Set of Services Per Week! No Contracts! Invoiced Every Friday To Give You Peace of Mind of a Reliable Service to Help Your Brand Grow!


My Instagram Maintenance package will allow you to engage with all your followers, find you new followers that could be potential customers; make your images stand out, & keep all your stories on brand!

Don't have branding colors yet? No worries, I'll help you get there, too!


I will WRITE your posts for your blog in YOUR voice; up to three per week, and reply to each comment for you.
I will also SHARE each blog post to my Twitter account, which has over 4,000 followers! I will also make sure that the branding for the blog matches the branding for the Instagram!

My Story:

I first fell down the Social Media rabbit hole in 2014 when I researched social media for promoting my novel the Quest of the Prodigy.

I started with a Blog, then I started to Vlog (video blogs) via YouTube. Then I also fell in LOVE with Instagram. I quickly learned the QUALITY of followers matter waaaaaaay more than the quantity. And that ORGANIC reach was super important. No bots buying followers here! My engagement with my followers is REAL & super important to me.

But I discovered when I was posting consistent, my previous blog which I had to unfortunately delete due to technical difficualty, actually had a decent sized LOYAL following. So I know first hand how important it is to create a post every day. Even if it’s just a short one.

But I also know how unrealistic posting quality content consistently sounds. As someone with three jobs herself (Freelancing, Author, Uber Driver), trust me, I GET IT! Creating, promoting, sharing & engaging gets sooooooo overwhelming without even trying! 

That’s why you DESERVE to have an assistant like me who CARES about you, your brand, your story & your message! 

Your success is my success! And I will take care of your brand as if it was my own!

That’s a Claire Cre8tes guarantee! 

Stop Stressing! Claire's Got Your Back!