New Brand Alert! New Mission! Claire Cre8tes! Pass Creativity On!

New mission: to pass creativity on! Learn how I created my new brand: Claire Cre8tes!

Hey guys! Wow it’s been a LONG time since I posted! To encourage more posting, I even upgraded to the “business” plan of WordPress.Com. I chose WordPress.Com over WordPress.Org because with the .Com version you get a better community version. With the .Org version there is lacking of community but better plugins. With the upgrade of .Com I get the community AND the plugins! But it’s expensive. Like $300 expensive, yikes! Still, I thought that was a better use of my tax refund monies than say, more Happy Planner supplies, which I’m totally obsessed with!

WATCH how I grew on my YouTube journey over the years and finally decided on a brand name I can stick with “Claire Cre8tes”!

Also on this blog I’m not going to separate my passions.

The last few years I’ve been separating my passions because I thought it looked more professional. And, it probably did.

But it was very time consuming to do this, and very un-inspiring. And thus, I haven’t felt like posting anything! So that’s not helping anyone either.

So the hell with looking professional. I love that motivational quote: done is better than perfect.

And sometimes, we have to remind ourselves of this! Especially me in my writing. Because I’ll spend years editing, and not producing anything during that time because I’m so busy obsessing over small things. And for indie authors, people are way harsher on reviewing, so even with all those years editing they say it’s still not enough.

So yeah! I am letting go of perfectionism. Or, erm, trying to. Click To Tweet

And I’m blending my passions together! So this site will look a little random, because that’s just how I roll. I tried to roll in order, and I was miserable.

But this brand is all about passing creativity on! Click To Tweet

So expect lots of creative prompts, sharing of other creative bloggers, hopefully some interviews and a little bit of everything in between. There’s something for planner people, people who love productivity, Geek culture references, reviews, social media tips and much more! If it’s about creativity, I’ll try to cover it!

Because I believe, to be creative, is to be human. Click To Tweet

So be sure to subscribe to this blog, and my YouTube channel and I’ll catch you on the next one!

Happy Creating,


Author: Claire

Welcome to the club, Claire's Club! I've always been obsessed with time, not only how to utilize it productivitly but how the dimension itself works. I blame my love of Back to the Future & Doctor Who. Not only did I write a Time Travel advenure, but I realized time management is what I want to do. I want to help others make the most of their time. I've always been creative. For me my fave outlet has always been writing, since I was 16 years old I've always been crafting a story, even if my inner perfectionist has disabled me for publishing as often as I'd like. For example, it took SIX YEARS for me to publish Quest of the Prodigy. Rewrits and edits had me second guessing myself instead of committing to an original idea I loved. I DON'T want other creatives to have to go through that same mistake. With me as their personal productivity coach, I help them time manage around what matters most to them, so they can always have time to create AND for their real life obligations (and what they love to do in real life too!). I'm also a professional admin assistant for busy entrepreneurs, sales reps, real estate agents and more. I have a unique strategy of blending my social media knoweldge & talent with my admin assistant skills to give you results of managing your to-do-list, blogs & profiles. The more you can take off your plate and serve to me, the more you can have time to do what you love! If I learned anything from my publishing journey, is not to let perfectionism and doubt prevent you from living your best life!

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