Love Letter to Creatives! (Ode to Creativity)

Love is in the air! With it being Valentine’s Day I thought it would be a perfect time to compose an ode to you: my fellow Creative! 

Do you identify as a Creative? That’s why I started using the term “Creative” instead of “Writer” because there are just so many ways to identify as a Creative! Especially in recent years with Social Media blowing up, there is more room than ever to express yourself in unique, fun and entertaining than ever better! 

As a Creative, you likely feel at your personal best when you are either writing, journaling, crafting (and planning with stickers!), poetry, art, digital art, social media videos, daily vlogs, and so much more! The term “hobby” seems to encompass a lot of these activities. I used to be offended by the word Hobby to describe me as a writer, but now I don’t mind it because writing is my Hobby! And I’m not earning enough as a writer or write enough daily to be considered a “professional writer”. But I do identify as a Creative! Because even when I’m not making the blog posts I plan, or the days I’m not writing; I’m thinking about those activities. In fact, often times, I can’t think about anything else except my creative project! 

So productivity for Creatives can be measured differently. Because to the non-Creative, the “normal” person, it might look like us staring into space is “wasting time”. But we know better. We know we’re plotting, scheming and planning our next big idea! So looking out the window is not wasting time, it’s thinking! And thinking is part of the process of course. 

But this post is about WHY I LOVE being a Creative, and why I LOVE the Creative Community! Which I hope you feel apart of! Because in my experience, especially on Twitter, the Creative community is just so wonderful, engaging and inclusive! The best part of being in a Creative community is that it helps you not feel alone. Whether you’re feeling alone because of Social Distancing or if the type of Art you do requires solo time to get it done … it truly can feel like you’re the only one who knows what it’s like to go through the Creative process. 

“Creativity Takes Courage.” 

-Henri Matisse

Creativity is an important part of my identity not just for my writing and passion for writing, but because I also like to think that I see the world in a different way. And the fact that a lot of people don’t “Get Me” in real life, kind of proves it. But I don’t mind it. Even if that means my circle of offline friends is small but loyal, I’m totally okay with that. Between Twitter, YouTube and others, I feel totally fine. Introvert Alert! But the funny thing about me is most people I meet offline, don’t consider me an introvert because I’m totally comfortable with making small talk to anyone. I love small talk! And I’m honestly genuinely interested in how you are doing as long as you weren’t rude to me. But I do identify as an Introvert because I have social anxiety, especially in groups. 

But I want to hear from YOU! What do YOU think is so wonderful about being a Creative? Is it just fun to imagining all the infinite possibilities of new worlds, new characters and create something totally unique and interesting? Heck yeah it is! And talking about the passion behind the Creativity is important, because personally, I think it helps spark the Creative muse hearing how and why others get Creative too. I don’t know … it’s just contagious! But Creativity is one disease I don’t mind catching! Even if it consumes me like a fever.

Do you have any hot Valentines Day plans? Kind of hard on a Monday right? But regardless, I can feel the love in the air … the love of Creativity! 

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