Is New Year New You a Marketing Scam Or Can You Use That to Propel Your Energy?

Greetings everyone! So I’m excited today to be posting even if it’s a super late post but I have so much energy around the New Year vibe!

I used to hate “New Year New Me” since around 2012 because it legtit felt like a marketing scam. Everyone telling me to eat Avocados (which I’ve come to love, especially for my migraines!) and drinking green tea and being more mindful.

Sure, marketing DOES take advantage of it like HELL, but what if … this might sound crazy, what if there was something to it?

I put a video together explaining it better, so please be patient while it uploads.

But this year so far (three days in haha!) has been all about SHOWING UP.

Not overthinking it. Not feeling bad for doing “bare minimum” but just SHOW UP. Then see how much I have left in my tank and what else I can contribute.

And I’m going to expand on this post on a moment, but I wanted to make the midnight deadline of #MondayBlogs because I hate when people use that hashtag when it’s not Monday! So here we go! Here’s why it’s late, what the heck it has to do with New Year Goals, what my main goals are this year and what my word of the year is so stay tuned! Should have it up within the hour, but then it technically wouldn’t be Monday! Ah the curse of being a Night Owl!

But please leave in the comment what your New Year Resolution is, or Word of the Year, and let’s chat if this whole “New Year New You” is a scam or is there something to it?

Let’s go!

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