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“Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.” – Food critic Anton Ego, Ratatouille

While Ratatouille is probably my least fave Pixar movie (I did not enjoy the whole rats steal food & guilting humans for being sanitary thing); there was a core message of the movie that I loved.

Anyone can cook.

While I disagree with the second part of the quote, anyone can cook but not everyone can be great; the first part is incredibly inspiring.

And I’ve always thought the same could be said with creativity. Specifically, writing. Because that’s my personal fave. But really, any form of creativity is possible with everyone and anyone.

So is that actually possibly true that indeed everyone can write? And I mean, everyone! Anyone who can read and write in their native language I believe has the power to be a writer. And if they can’t read or write, I still believe they have a story to be told also, even if they can’t write it down themselves.

I suppose the first basis to quantify the theory is to define what writing is itself.

Putting random words together just to take up blank page space, is not writing.

One definition of the word “write” is very inspiring to me:

Verb Phrases
write down ,
to set down in writing; record; note.


This is why I argue everyone is a writer already. Everyone has senses, experiences and emotions worthy of being recorded. And in a sense, that’s all writing really is anyway. A record.

We romanticize and glorify the act of writing. I’m not really sure why. Maybe because when we do write, it feels like the ideas come from somewhere else. Like a higher being. But as I mentioned in the ‘How to be Creative’ video which I’ll link above, that’s not true. Your ideas come from … well, you.

Technology has made it even easier than ever. Even if one cannot afford the latest word processor, Scrivener, Final Draft and other premium writing software … if you have a computer, you can write. If you don’t have a computer, there’s still good ol’ pen and paper! Many community libraries even offer free access to computers, so if you were determined, you can handwrite everything first, and then type it there if you don’t have your own computer.

When people say “Oh I could never be a writer. I suck at writing.” I disagree with that statement. Completely.

[bctt tweet=”I believe that everyone has the potential to be a great writer. The reason they think they suck at it, they just haven’t found something to write about that makes them passionate.”]
Once you find your favorite thing to write about, you might find you cannot stop!

Unfortunately, no one can tell you what your fave thing to write about it is. You have to experiment. Like my least fave thing to write about is horror. And I didn’t discover that until I worked on a horror project, which I’m still working on. I had to shelve it because it disturbed me so much, creeped me out to the point where I wanted to vomit. But after working on the second draft of that project, I’m finding it a little easier to swallow.
Now you don’t need to write a whole project of different genres and subjects. So here’s an assignment for you to find out what your fave topic to write about it is. Don’t worry, I promise you have time for it because it’ll only take a couple of minutes.

Take out your planner or notepad and pour your fave drink. Put on some relaxing music or music that gets you motivated. LoFi is a great option because it somehow both relaxes you and gets you pumped up at the same time. The point is to get you relaxed. This is creating you a pressure free zone. No deadlines. No one to judge you. Just you and the space you’ve just created for yourself. Maybe it’s at a cafe, or your fave spot at your park. The point is, make the space truly YOURS.

Don’t start writing right away.

Try to relax if you can.

Feel the seat beneath you. Let your ears hear every noise, or lack of if silence. Hear the hum of the AC. The twirling of the fan. The neighbor’s dog barking. The neighbor’s diesel truck running annoyingly for 20 minutes straight because they’re morons. The beat of the music turning up to drown out the neighbors. Nevermind them, this is YOUR space. Don’t check your phone. Turn off your notifications. This is your space. Pretend it’s a Doctor Who episode and checking your phone will kill you or cause the end of the world in 20 minutes.

Once you’ve found your space, and you can feel yourself not thinking about anything at all. Not your next appointment. Not your to-do-list. Just try to think of nothing at all.

Then, when you feel you’ve done that, make a list. Doesn’t have to be long. You and only you will know how long the list will be. The point is to be relaxed while you’re writing it.

If you can, write at least ten different topics. Then think about how you feel each one. You don’t have to make a notation about your thoughts towards each topic, but you can if you want.
See if you gravitate to any topics you’ve written. If not, try to write ten more.

Chances are, the first few topics you’ve jotted down, are subconsciously your fave.

And if you like, you can try writing 500 words on that subject. And then 500 more.

Soon, you’ve got yourself a basic story or recording of that topic.

Does that mean it’ll be well written right away?

Well, no. Writing well takes time and practice. But it means you’ve found something you love to write about. And then you just might find, you do not in fact suck at writing. You just haven’t found something worth writing about. And that my friend, is a colossal difference.

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Thanks again and remember to make time for your passions!


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