Editing Is a MOFO Chore! But It Is a Fun Chore! #amediting #mondayblogs

Greetings from the Editing Forest of Doom!

I have been lost in this Forest for months years now and cannot seem to find my way out.

Each word I transfer from present tense (the original way the story was told back in 2008) to the past tense (the right way it needs to be told because of REASONS and SPOILERS) and that’s what I’ve been working on.

It’s very rewarding to read the story get better and better but it is a MAJOR PAIN THE ASS to produce such shit into almost quality shit. No, it’s good. I’m just frustrating with this story.

This character, Charlie Vail, has been with me since 2008. I used to HATE New Years Eve (which is why my other main character Mimi Mockel in Quest of the Prodigy hates New Years Eve too); because every time a new year tolled on I felt like it was another year failed.

And now I”m working hard, including procrastinating because that’s part of the process, to GET IT DONE!

My DEADLINE was July. Probably most definitely happen. But my awesome Publishers Blue Harvest Creative are used to that right now. Like how it took 3 years to edit the Quest of the Prodigy.

But Editing DOES take me a long time. Probably longer than most authors.

Not just because I have a life outside of writing with a day job, being a friend, being a daughter, a sister and enjoying Netflix and such. But because I am a MOFO perfectionist when it comes to editing.

It’s hard for me to just let it go! Okay Elsa, but she has a point!

Like it’s hard to let go of the characters.

They’re apart of you for so long,  through the painful but passionate journey of writing a novel. And to just let them go and hand them off to a random editor you’re just supposed to trust because your publishers say they’re good?

It’s hard, okay!

It’s damn hard!

But it’s 2018. I think it’s time for me to let Charlie Vail go. It’s time to hand in In Need of Direction.

And while it’s a DAMN LONG novel (like for real!) I know I can do it if I just put aside the comfort of always being full (physically full, after eating) and the comfort of sleep.

So, as Hamlet says: that’s the rub.

We’re either comfortable. Or we move forward with progress.

I choose progress!


What about you? Comfort or progress? Unfortunately, life isn’t so kind to merit us both!

But it’s worth it. Probably.

Happy Writing!



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