Don’t Wait until New Year to Start Your Goals! Because There’s Never a Perfect Time To Start! (Fitness, Creative)

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while and I’ve actually been working on this post / video all night. Might be a late Monday Blogs posting but I didn’t want to wait until next week to get this post up! Check out my YouTube video above for full reason why!

But the main reason why is there is a familiar saying, even if I might be paraphrasing it: don’t wait for things to be in perfect conditions. Start now.

And that’s why this Blog / YouTube channel got so behind. Not because of lack of ideas. Because I never felt “ready”. Either not good enough to be on camera or nothing good enough for my reader’s time. I tell you, that’s an awful feeling!

But the other major goal that has suffered from the “wait for the right time” syndrome has been my fitness goals. Because in 2020 Lockdown I gained 45 pounds. Yes, 45! And I’m on a MISSION for 2022 to lose 65 pounds to shed off my Covid weight once and for all!

Now I got Apple Fitness + back in march and my results haven’t been that great. But I don’t blame the App, because I haven’t put in my full effort! I didn’t workout every weekday like I wanted, I made excuses, and I didn’t follow through on a lot of work-out’s that I might have been able to do if I just tried.

About a year ago, a former neighbor of my parents donated their old Elliptical machine because they were moving. My dad asked if I wanted it and I said sure. But sadly it was too wide to fit into the bedroom (that’s what she said!) where my hand-me-down treadmill is so we had to stick it in the garage (that’s what she said?). So not ideal for working out, in the garage. There’s a ragtag team of spiders out to get me, the elements, neighbors who might hear me pant and wheeze … yeah, lots going on. Ain’t no five star gym that’s for sure. Not even a two star gym!

But tonight I said enough is enough! I might not have a fancy workout bike (looking at you, Peloton!) but another common saying I like is: work with what you have. And what I have is an old dusty Elliptical.

So I literally cleaned off the cobwebs, found a couple of extension cords to power her up, and well, the video has the results!

So yeah, check out the video and let me know what YOUR 2022 goals are! At the end of the video, I proposed an accountability challenge! So if your up for 10-30 minutes of any workout’s M-F let me know in the comments and we can cheer each other on!

Creative Geeky Tribe, let’s do this!

Take care everyone & be safe!


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