Claire’s Instagram Services

Instagram Services!

With over 1 BILLION active Instagram users; you can't afford NOT to have an active account! No time? No worries! My affordable & amazing services will give you peace of mind while growing your brand's message!

What You'll Get for a Low, Low Price!

I hate contracts! So you’ll never have to worry about having one! This will be a per week agreement that’s budget-friendly! 

All of these amazing features for only $19.99 / week!

Consultation & Content Schedule

FREE Consultation To Understand Your Brand, Message & Ideal Customer!  

Will Also Be Researching Your Brand & Posts To Get to Know Your Voice So Customers Won't Notice It's Your Assistant!

With a FREE Content Schedule, You'll Always Know What to Post So You never Run Out of Ideas Again!

3 Branded Stories Per Day

The More Stories You Post On Instagram the More Instagram Will Keep You Fresh on Users Feed! It's True! Stories Can Be Photos of Your Morning Coffee, You Doing Something Funny, You Working Hard, Your Awesome Dog --- Anything!  They Can Even Be Your Products or Services!  So If You Post More Stories About Fun Stuff, You Can Also Post More About Your Brand!  The Idea Is To Post Often & A Balance With The Fun Stuff & Your Products or Services So You Don't Come Across As Spammy! Plus It's a Great Way to Get to Know Your Customers & Your Customers to Get to Know You!

Unlimited Engagement With Your Followers

I Will Interact As Your Voice & Reply to Every Single Comment on Your Page! PLUS I will Search Instagram for Ideal Customers for You And Engage on Their Page As You!

2 Motivational Quote Graphics Per Week

Having Motivational Quotes On Your Page Will Help You Be Able to Post More Often Without Looking Spammy! Get Engagement & Help People Fall In Love With You & Your Brand! Stay Memorable WIthout Looking Like You're Trying too Hard!

5 Edited Photos Per Week

All You Have to do is Text me Your Photos (1 Per Day) & I will Do the Rest! I will Make Them Shaprer; Play With the Lighting, and Make You Smile With How Great The Photos on Your Page Look! Get Ready to Have a Page You're Proud to Share!

1 Fully Edited IGTV Video Per Week

IGTV is the New YouTube. Well, Almost! It's Important to Keep a Strong IGTV Presence Because Instagram Is Trying to Keep Users on Their Platform; So They're Promoting Accounts With a Lot of Video & Content! The More Content You Have; the More Likely You'll be First for Your Followers To See! Just Shoot Your 5-10 Minute Video & I'll Edit It to Match Your Brand! Easy!

Your Instagram Will Just Get 100% More Awesome!

What would you do with the extra two hours per day you’ll save with my services???

Cre8te More + Stress Less!