📆 Disc Vs. Disc: The Ultimate #HappyPlanner Disc Size Guide!

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
― Albert Einstein

Hey guys! If you watched the “Why I Love HP” video, linked above, you know one of my fave features of the Happy Planner is the flexibility of their disc system. You might hear the term “rings” and that’s referring to the same thing. Some people like to call them “rings” even though on the MAMBI website it is technically calls them “discs” but to me they’re the same thing so I never bother to correct people because at the end of the day it’s just not worth it.

Speaking of the MAMBI website, as you can see, they have a TON of choices to choose from!!!

How is a Happy Planner supposed to choose?

Well, that’s what this post is for! The ultimate guide to Happy Planner discs. So stay tuned to the end to see them all! Because I mean them ALL! And don’t forget to hit subscribe to join Claire’s Club and hit the bell so you don’t miss one of my new videos posted M-F!

Before we get to the discs, and oh are we going to get to the discs! Let’s first cover the SIZES of the PLANNERS themselves. Because that will help everything make more sense.

So there’s a few different sizes to choose from:

1. Micro (new in 2019) –> 4 mini discs
2. Mini –> 7 mini discs (but you can use the regular discs to expand your planner!)
3. Classic –> 9 regular or expander size discs
4. BIG –> 11 regular or expander size discs
The same sizes apply to the “Happy Notes” too.

FEW that's a LOT of choices right there! Begs the question ... how is a #HappyPlanner to choose? Click To Tweet

Well, I suggest by asking what size planner you want. That depends on what you’re going to use it for!

Some people like the smaller sizes for travelling. The BIG Happy Planner is great for teachers or people with very busy schedules. Me? I’m still obsessed with the Classic Happy Planner with the EXPANDER rings because I love a CHUNKY planner!

I also have a mini that I keep in the car to track my miles as an Uber driver. Or I do when I remember to do so!

So the possibilities are truly endless!

Here’s a close up of each of the discs! I’m 99.999999% sure the mini discs fit the “micro” planner too. As I don’t personally yet own a “micro” planner, I can’t say for certain! But I’m pretty sure because on the shop, they do not have a page for the Micro discs!

So here we go! Onto the discs!

1. Mini Metal (Micro + Mini)
2. Medium Metal (Classic + BIG)
3. Medium Expander Metal (Chunky Classic + BIG Chunky)
4. Mini Plastic Discs (Micro + Mini)
5. Medium Plastic Discs (Classic + BIG)
6. Medium Expander Plastic Discs (Classic Chunky + BIG Chunky)

As mentioned, what size to choose from depends on what you PLAN on using the PLANNER for. See what I did there?

But there will be another video on some ideas for planner uses coming soon, so hit subscribe because Wednesday’s are Planner Talk Wednesday’s! If you’re obsessed with all things planners like I am, hit subscribe so you don’t miss out!

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That’s all for today y’all, don’t forget to conquer busyness + do more! If you need help with the conquering busyness part, make sure you visit my services page to hire me to be your personal planner! There’s 24 hours to make your dreams come true and it is possible!

But until next time, happy planning!


All the Reasons I Love the #HappyPlanner! #PlannerTalks

Hey guys! How’s it going? There’s a LOT of planner choices out there, but my favorite is the Happy Planner! So many reasons to love it, let me see if I really can count the ways!

I’ve been using the Happy Planner religiously since 2016, but have been exploring it since 2014. From 2014-2016 I was mainly an Erin Condren girl! And while I still love my EC, I just LOVE how much more for your buck you get with the Happy Planner. Now, not here to start a debate! I just personally feel you get more products for less money. One may argue EC is better quality, and that to me depends on how you’re defining “quality”. I love them both! But lately, I’ve been dedicated to HP!


It’s true! There are probably 100 or more reasons to love the Happy Planner lineup! From being totally customize-able from the super cute covers, to add-on options, ring sizes and colors to the tons of accessories, I’ve been completely hooked on HP! But the main reason I switched from other planner systems to HP was the price! So much more affordable than some other super popular name brand planners.


The cute factor and sheer functionality of HP is my love! But if I had to pick just ONE reason to love HP: it’s the stickers!


Some might call filling your planner with cute, functional and inspiring stickers immature or childish, but to those people, I say: whaaaaaat?



Seriously, those stickers are motivating AF! They give me totes inspiration to do ALL the things. And as someone with PT depression and FT anxiety, they are a total stress reliever and can make me smile for a moment on my down days.



When I get out of my planner mojo, and take a break for a month or more; I notice I don’t even TRY to meet my goals. So while I don’t know the science of why stickers are so motivating, but I can tell you, they work!


But yeah, having a cute planner that you can open every day that you customized yourself, is super inspiring. Another great feature of the Happy Planner system is that you can customize the size and colors of your discs (or some people call them rings) and you can also get a special punch so you can add any paper at all inside your planner. Endless possibilities! Great for receipts, travel items itinerary or memory keeping.


So budget friendly, amazing add-on’s for different goals, and stickers, stickers, stickers! It’s no wonder my heart, and my wallet, is addicted to the Happy Planner! Hey, no one said being a Planner Girl was cheap, but I couldn’t imagine my life without it!



But no matter what planner system you go with, the best part about being a Planner Girl, is YOU! Yes you! The Planner community is just simply amazing! So thanks for all the inspiration!



It’s been so amazing to connect with so many amazing planner girls and planner guys. While it can be dangerous to admire everyone’s planner spread, because it’s tempting to go out and buy that product used, it is certainly a fulfilling community!


So while it was getting a little expensive being a planner addict, but honestly and truly getting to know the members in the community with the goals of having a well planned life (even if the plans don’t go accordingly!) has been so much fun. It’s been fun getting to see everyone’s planner style, since each has their own unique preference!


And one doesn’t need to be a parent or teacher / student to have a great planner. I use my planners to keep track of my social media, writing goals, and housework.


My only annoyance with the planner community for Happy Planners is when launch comes around and some folks buy products so they are out of stock, and then sell them on Wish or Amazon. Is my annoyance! Some of us need the new products too lol.


But yeah I used to not understand what the “deal” was with the planner obsession, but after joining the community I totally got it and got hooked! Life is so much better with a cute and functional planner at your side!


Well that’s it for today, Planner Pals. Hit subscribe to join Claire’s Planner Club, and I’ll see you on the next one!


Happy Creating!


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