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I know it’s definitely been more than a hot minute since I posted; and I’m a bit ashamed to admit that this year I’ve let stress and depression squash my dreams like when you squish an ant on your kitchen counter. Even before the COVID19 mania started. So when the chaos of the pandemic did occur, my depression spiraled again and all I wanted to do was sleep and disappear from the world.

But I’ve finally accepted that this is reality now. No, no one deserves or asked for this reality. But I must learn to cope in more ways than pizza and sleep. Luckily, I do have my Twitter family @clairecre8tes … so I never really feel alone even though I live by myself.

Twitter has been an amazing outlet for me as I’m able to share my thoughts, feelings and obsessions! I also feel like I’m contributing positively as I help others in my communities do the same.

Also on Twitter that’s been helping me cope, is the Doctor Who lockdown global rewatch! It started with three weeks ago with an epic Day of the Doctor. Claiming that the world (our world) needs the Doctor more than ever! It was really fun! I was able to catch Day of the Doctor & Vincent and the Doctor live. It was great hearing stories from the cast & crew and uniting all the fans! Plus we usually get some fun, fresh easter eggs content! It’s really awesome and it helped solidify the feeling that the Doctor Who twitter community is indeed a family.

We might argue and bicker about the pros and cons of each season … but at the end of the day, we’re family.

And last night John Barrowman was vlogging during the watch-along … and he said something that really resonated with me.

And, I’m paraphrasing here, but he said during the scene where everyone is around the TARDIS council that’s what it’s all about. Being together.

And then he said … he said it’s okay to be sad during these weird and terrible times.

It’s okay to be sad.

That hit home with me because often times both as a society, and I think many of us do this personally too … we tend to view sadness ad a mega failure.

At least, that’s how I’ve been. Especially the last couple of months.

But, just this week, I’ve started to feel better. I think the depression medicine might finally start working, and I’m letting go of feeling so unworthy and how unfair everything is. Things will get better, and I Just have to accept it might be a couple more months. There is just nothing I can do about it.

Except, I am doing something about it. I’m staying home. My mom is at risk and I’ve been so completely terrified and paranoid about accidently spreading it to her.

But at least by staying home, I’ve reminded myself of why I indeed am. I’m not staying at home because I’ve failed (I’ve especially felt that way since I lost my job); I’m staying home to help my family.

And, it’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to be scared.

And … we truly are all in this together.

So find yourself an online community. Share your obsessions, actions and concerns. It’s not attention seeking as many view social media. It’s about keeping yourself sane!

So how are YOU coping during these COVID days? What is your outlet? And what inspires you to stay home if you’re able to? Let’s chat in the comments!

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Thanks so much guys!


🌺 With Winter Ending, My Creativity Can Blossom! #MondayBlogs

Hey guys! Welcome back to Claire Creates!

So this winter I’ve totally let stress and “real life” get in the way of my creativity. I mean not only have I not been writing; but I haven’t even created content in like a month or so. Yikes! And to tell you the truth, I’ve missed blogging!

I’ve missed connecting with you all & finding out what your into as well.

But with winter ending, and me trying not to fixate on the stress of life so much, it’s time to put my creativity to work. Because what’s the point of having so many ideas floating in my head if I don’t do anything about it? Exactly, nothing.

If there’s a topic or question about creativity or writing you would love to talk about, please share in the comments below! I’d be more than happy to discuss next week or try to answer any questions as much as I can. Because this space is YOURS as much as it is mine! Us creatives got to stick together after all!

But I figured 3+ months of half-assing my creative projects is long enough! Plus, I wasn’t very creative in 2019 either. And not practicing my hobbies, my passions … made me feel like an imposter blogging about inspiring others when I felt so incredibly … uninspired!

Now that winter is over and I decided to do a “spring cleaning” on my creative outlook too! I’m going to try and discipline myself to write every day … even if I “don’t feel like it” … which is usually how I feel, lol.

Currently, I’m in the mood to write something fun. Almost silly! But I have no idea what.

So congratulations stress, you win!

Because running out of ideas has -never- been a problem for me! Eek!

But you know what? Even though I’ve taken a break from creativity like Ross declared an annoying amount of times on Friends he was taking a break with Rachel … I still identified myself as a creative. Because I tried being “normal” once. I didn’t like it.

So, yeah, this post is rather short. But I’m trying to get in the practice of consistently posting rather than perfection. I have that problem with writing, too. Leaving it well enough alone! Anyone else like that? Unable to let it go and edit it one more time?

Anyway, this spring I’m going to TRY and set my creativity free by “practicing” every day! Even if it’s just for thirty minutes. Because a little bit a day can really help sharpen the muse and let it grow!

Until next time, stay creative, stay geeky … stay you!


🚀 Was #DoctorWho Season 11 Really. THAT. Bad? #Review

Hey guys! Welcome back! The hub for Planner Peeps, Cre8tives & Geeks! If you’re into the Planner Community, Writing Community or Geek Community be sure to hit that big friendly subscribe button to join Claire’s Cre8tive Club and ring my bell to catch me in the next Geeky episode! Right, so it was roughly a month ago that Dr. Who Season 11 first premiered and gave “fans” a plethora to complain about. And I decided to re-watch SE11 to see if my feelings about it have changed.
So today we’re asking the question: Was SE11 Really. That. Bad? Stay tuned, because the answer might surprise you!
If you follow me on Twitter, you know I am a HUGE, I mean a colossal fan of Doctor Who! I’m also a major supporter of Jodie Whittaker, and the new cast and crew of Team TARDIS after Capaldi & Moffat, & Jenna Coleman & Pearl Mackie said farewell and launched us into the new era of Chris Chibnall. But what I don’t broadcast as often, is how dissatisfied I was with Dr. Who SE11 as a whole. In fact, I deliberately avoided posting a video review about it because I didn’t want to sound like a complete Dalek in my review.
But, I thought it’s been about a year + now, so why not give it another go and see if it was bad as I remembered.
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Now then, let’s talk about Doctor Who SE11 and see if I can without sounding like a Dalek. Because here’s the thing; even when an episode is not … not my favorite, it’s still Doctor Who! Hearing the theme song, seeing the BBC logo with that posh new logo with the pppsssphh effects still gets me very excited every time I play Doctor Who.
But with the last season specifically, I thought the acting was TOP NOTCH! I did wonder before the season started and the promo’s were hyping us up since early 2018, if having so many companions was going to be problematic. In some episodes, having four companions did prove to be too much for the writers. (More on that later) But the actors themselves were just incredible! They all truly took on the spirit of the show and ran with it. And then some!
And as soon as Jodie’s “Doctor” remembered who she was; I was Totes McGotes on board with her as the Doctor. That whole scene with her on the crane was just amazing and well done! But, to be honest I was even totally on board with Jodie as the Doctor since the “Glass Ceiling” advert way back in early 2018. Whoops! And funnily enough, the more “fans” got angry with the Doctor having a pair of boobs claiming SJW’s “ruined” the show; the more I really, really liked it!
But yeah, let’s talk a moment about how so many companions effected the show. At first I was super excited for the sheer diversity of the show. I mean they have a cute Indian girl who is a police officer wanting to prove herself as more than a ticket grunt. A cool black guy with a dexterity disability. A post-middle-aged white man grieving over the loss his adventurous black wife. And finally the Doctor who regenerated from an angry Scotsman to a posh lady who talks so fast you need the Closed Captions setting just to catch most of her brilliant quips and speeches.
So, I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a winning combination recipe for success in my cookbook. That combination of diversity in the Doctor’s new friends got me very excited for the new season after watching the first episode. So what happened? How could such a diverse group of companions whose love and trust for the Doctor is what brings them together go so very wrong?
Well, in my non-Dalek opinion; it wasn’t the acting, it wasn’t the new music composer (although some “fans” claim they hate the new music). It wasn’t even the new showrunner!
It was the stories themselves.
On paper, each story sounds pretty interesting.
But the execution is where things get bad. Or at least, not great.
Remember that Yaz was a police woman? Yeah, neither did I until I re-watched the pilot. Same with Ryan’s disability. The pilot set up so much darn potential for these characters that unfortunately the stories following after the pilot just didn’t deliver. But, here’s the kicker. Minus the finale, that spider episode ending and the conundrum of something; the stories themselves weren’t. That. Bad.
((Yes, Yaz, that’s how we ALL felt about the finale lol))
So maybe the problem … is in the fandom?
Here me out.
Now I don’t 110% blame the fandom per say, we’re simply used to the RTD & Moffat’s grand arc style. Think of Bad Wolf in series one. Harold Saxon in season three. And season 5 having a bit of a fairy tale style set up.  So the fandom is very, VERY used to series arcs. And there I believe lies the true problem. There wasn’t a sense of continuity in the episodes, or rather, there was no build up from one episode to the next i.e. an arc. Because the episodes didn’t have a feeling of being part of the same series, rather as individual stories, for many fans, myself included, it felt on the side of lame.
But after I re-watched the series and stopped comparing it to past seasons, I found myself rather enjoying the Doctor Who SE11 experience a lot!
I truly think this series was aimed at new fans. And you know what? I’m glad for it. I’m glad they got sexism & politics “out of the way”. I’m glad they played “the woman card” in the Witchfinders episode just to get it “out of the way”. And when I say “out of the way” I don’t mean for it as a negative context! But now that it’s been pointed out that the Doctor is now a woman, one of the companions is black and another of an Indian descent; we can focus on other areas of history.
But they did a REALLY good job in episodes like Rosa and Demons of the Punjab pointing out how the true demons are the racial dividers humans place on ourselves.
Because I think it’s important that Doctor Who embraces the SJW crowd as critics have claimed. That’s what I love, love, LOVE about sci-fi is that it takes out flaws of society like racism and sexism and purposely throws it in our faces. Personally, I think that’s what this season got right was showcasing the social injustice issues!
Where it got wrong, really wrong, was not exploring the companion’s of the new Team TARDIS and they need to work on giving all three of them something to do in EVERY episode. Not just having an episode that showcases a glimpse of the companion one at a time. One episode that did nail this, however, was Kerblam. Kerblam was my fave of the series aside from the pilot because it gave each of the companions something to do and each companion played a big part of the story.
I think that season 12 definitely needs to focus more on character development. We still don’t really know a lot of the companions; like their hobbies and things. Yeah Ryan does YouTube and Yaz has a family; but what about them really makes them tick? If we did have more character development, it might help have the stories feel more a sense of continuity.
Like in Series 7 part One, although the stories felt like Hollywood Blockbusters rather than a series with the lack of story arc, the consistency of exploring the Pond relationship was what kept that series strong. In series 11, however, I didn’t feel a really strong sense of connection between the two companions. Except Ryan and Graham, who were grandfather and grandson through marriage, although Ryan purposefully kept him at arms’ length. Although it was a VERY satisfying moment in the Witchfinders episode when Ryan finally does call him, endearingly, “Gramps”. I wish there was more interaction between Ryan and Yaz, because when they were on screen they both kind of were just there, minus that very powerful scene in “Rosa” when they were hiding from the white, racist sheriff.
I hope that in series 12, even if Chibnall didn’t want a fancy arc style to connect the series; that it’s the companion’s character development that helps make the series feel strong; instead of just individual stories.
Also in series 12, I would like stronger villains.
Don’t get me wrong, it was a fun – even if a bit predictable of a twist that the humans were actually the real villains; but Jodie’s doctor is just SO cool! It’d be great if she had a killer bad guy to match her bad-assery just like the other Doctor’s got to have.
While I’m still sad there is no new Who in 2019; I hope they are taking the break to create better stories.
And what did you think of the new shorter season structure? Did not having as many stories in a season actually help the season? Or did the shorter season just made you wanting more as it did for me? Let’s chat about it in the comments!
So I could literally talk about Doctor Who all day; and I practically do on Twitter @ClaireCre8tes, but that wraps it up for today on Claire Cre8tes!
Some final thoughts after watching this season a second time. I concluded it truly wasn’t as bad as I remembered and that the Internet is claiming. I think the extra enjoyment came from appreciating the stories as I was watching them, instead of feeling sad there wasn’t a connected story arc or master bad villain as we were used to. Yeah Tim Shaw as kind of cool, but he was also kind of lame compared to some baddies in the past. But by focusing on each story as I was watching them, they actually were very enjoyable. What surprised me was how much I enjoyed Witchfinders the second time around! I really hated it the first time, but the humor with King James and Ryan, plus Jodie pointing out how unfair it was she wouldn’t have been so undermined if she was still a man, actually made it a fun episode. Even if the ending was still not my fave, which was a theme for SE11 for me. My fave episodes were Kerblam, Demons of Punjab, Woman Who Fell from Earth, Rosa and the Witchfinders.
What was your fave episode in this season? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!
I would rate the series as a whole a solid 3 out of 5 stars … but still declare it totally Binge-worthy! Just try to appreciate the stories themselves and not compare it to the other seasons. Because, it seems too different for a fair comparison. And maybe, that’s what makes this season very special was how different it really was.
Well, until next time, Cre8te often and be kind always! Don’t forget to hit the bell so I can see you in the next one! Cheers.

🔥Pivoting Goals Is NOT the Same as Failing #MondayBlogs

Hey guys! I’m finally back out of my rut! Real-life got in the way, and, uh, I had to work on some mental health issues but welcome back to Claire’s Cre8tive Club! The hub for porudictives, Cre8tives, and/or Geeks!
So today we’re talking about pivoting goals and why/when you should and how it’s NOT the same thing as a failure even though sometimes it might feel like it.
Hit that like button if you can totally relate to feeling uneasy about changing a long-term goal!
While I”m naturally a very indecisive person (see my channel rebranding video); I’m not talking about changing goals on a whim. I’m talking about goals you’ve been working on for months, years or maybe even your whole LIFE that *just* hasn’t manifested yet.
If you’ve been dedicated that much time, effort and maybe even money into your goal that’s still just a dream … when does it become SENSIBLE for a MIND SHIFT PIVOT?
I’ve found myself at such crossroads twice this year. And it’s really taken a toll on me mentally. Because at first it didn’t feel like growth. It felt like a fail. It felt downright unfair. I’m not one to give into the “why me” syndrome but at times when comparing how hard I worked to where I actually was – it felt extremely unfair.
I was a kind, hard-working person; why wasn’t I getting ahead? And, when is it time to change life directions? Well, I did a little soul-searching and I wanted to share my thoughts about changing long-term goals. Because when I realized I’ve been trying to be a morning person since 2014 — almost six years now; it’s likely not going to happen. But then I remembered just how long I’ve been a night owl. Since high school!
So let’s see, 17 years of being a Night Owl since Junior year of high school in 2002, about 17 years, versus 6 years of totally re-wiring my brain to convert from team Night Owl to team Miracle Morning 4:00 am Club. And I know what you’re thinking: “Gee, Claire, why not try 5:00 AM or 6:00 AM?”
Yup! I tried that too! Sometimes I could get up at 5:30 AM and still feel like a major win, but it still wasn’t satisfying to me because it wasn’t 4:00 AM!
I know, I know. I totally have a super bad habit of being an “all or nothing” kind of girl. And I’ve tried to work on that too. I know it’s not about all or nothing. I know every moment matters. But I find I’m unable to change that mindset. I really have been working on it the last month. And it’s been helping. But it’s hard to change who you are overnight!
But back to pivoting life goals; here are some tips on how to feel that changing major goals can be good, healthy and even motivating!
1. Think of it like a business plan and you’re the CEO of your own life.
If your goal is to workout before work in the morning, and you’ve spent years trying to mindshift into a morning person but just hasn’t been able to meet your annual goals … what would any boss do to that employee that constantly under-preforms?
Well, chances are, they’d be fired. Sadly, that’s the way the world works. So think of that as a separate entity of your mind; and give yourself permission to FIRE that goal. You will feel a huge weight off your shoulders as you HIRE a new goal to feel motivated in that failed goal’s place.
But sometimes it’s hard to let go of an employee.
To help move on during internal company transitions; give your old goal a proper “exit interview” so YOU can feel a sense of closure. And maybe don’t think of it that you failed that goal; but rather, that goal wasn’t moving the company’s business model forward … i.e; your lifestyle, in a better direction. By giving it a proper send-off, you can also give yourself permission to move on and grow from the mistakes or perhaps what about that goal didn’t work for you.  Write down these thoughts and reflections in some type of journal as a way to truly let that employee go so your Biz can move on!
2. Keep a record of all the times you’ve tried before.
You don’t need a complete diary or memoir (unless you want to!) but write down a few milestones of memories that your goal DID go well. When you glance down at all your achievements were successful, this will help you learn some lessons from your goal. And give you a reminder that it all wasn’t a total waste of time. I think, at least for me, that’s why it feels like such a fail. Because maybe you don’t have anything physically manifested from your efforts and time. So, it may truly feel like a waste.
BONUS TIP: When you do find another goal to replace that former employee, try keeping a brief track record of when you achieve that daily goal. Maybe just choose a color pen to represent that goal, and either write a checkmark or an X if you didn’t do it that day.
That way, you can feel the progress happening or not, even if the results aren’t yet visible to anyone else. Like working out for example or studying a new language.
Whatever your goal, by tracking it every day or at least once a week, you can give yourself a bit of a progress report. This may help motivate you to go forward because you’ll be excited when you see all of those checkmarks!
3. Call it an experiment.
One way to really help make a ‘failed’ goal not feel like a total failure is simply rephrasing it in your mental chatter. By calling it an experiment, it almost sounds natural that it didn’t work. After all, the very definition of an experiment is a TEST. So what if that goal wasn’t for you? You tested it out and now you know. And by realizing it wasn’t for you, it helps you look for a new experiment to test on!
Remember what Thomas Edison said about experiments: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
Cliche as that quote might have become, it is true. Keep failing until you’ve found the one that works! Or find a new experiment to try if your passion for the old one has expired. Which is totally natural. Sometimes, we just get into different things at different points in our lives!
Well guys, I hope that helped you interpret an experiment so changing goals doesn’t feel like a fail.
In conclusion, it’s okay to change your goals, no matter how long you’ve been working on them! It doesn’t make you pathetic or anything negative as maybe you first feel when you realize it’s just not working anymore. And it’s okay if someone else you admire has made better or faster progress than you on the same goal. It just means you’re human and that maybe that goal wasn’t your jam after all. Nothing wrong with changing life directions.
So go ahead, put your best foot forward and try to hire another goal for yourself! You deserve to move forward instead of keeping dead weight bringing your company down.
Have you ever changed a major life goal and felt less than stellar about it? How did you move on? Share in the comments, you never know who you might inspire!
Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button to jon me in the next post, and I’ll catch you guys next time! Remember to cre8te often and be kind always!
Have a great day,

😈 👼 #GoodOmens: Binge or Cringe? #Review

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=as6cknHUZds%5B/embedyt%5D

Hey guys! Is Good Omens the story of the best bromance in all of the Universe worthy of an intense 6 episode binge? Or a total cringe? Keep watching to find out!

So I was so, so, so, so freaking excited for Good Omens! I ‘ve been stoked all year for it! I’m not one of those fans that’s been waiting for 28 years for an adaptation of the novel. But I was excited about the writers behind it. I’m a huge fan of Neil Gaiman, although to be honest; I’m not much of a reader, so I haven’t actually read any book version of his works. However, what he’s worked on for Television BIG FAN!

But the series Good Omens did not disappoint! Admittedly, I was mostly super excited for it because David Tennant was in it. I probably would have gotten around to binging the show eventually because of the writers behind it and it looked quirkily delightful, but David Tennant being in it made me over the moon excited for it! I even binged it it all in one sitting! Well, almost one sitting. I saw the first episode late Thursday night after a Tweet from Neil Gaiman on May 30th. Which surprised me, as Amazon promised us May 31st. So of course I had to put sleep on hold and catch the first episode! And then sleep finally got a hold on me, I finished watching the series Friday and as mentioned, did not disappoint!

To be honest, I completely and utterly loved it!

I could have used another episode that was purely Crowley and Aziraphale having a bromance! Sure we get a nice, brilliant even bit of it in episode 3 … but an entire episode of their relationship would have been purely perfect. I loved the Shakespeare bit as it delightful reminder of Doctor Who. And now I truly want a Good Omens & Doctor Who crossover.

Also loved any scene with David Tennant and Michael Sheen together. They really do steal the show, and in the best way! The first couple of episodes were my favorite. It was just a refreshing style of show. The first couple of episodes really have that magical element down. The celestial beings living in modern society. It was very enjoyable watching a demon and an angel being best friends, while enjoying the human comforts of modern society.

The show wasn’t totally perfect, though.

Some bits were rather slow. The setting up of Adam’s friends and the horsemen for example was a bit on the slow side. However, after watching the final episode, it occured to me that Adam’s friends were polar opposites of the four horseman, and I thought that polarisation was brilliant.

My least favorite bit was with the character Shadwell. Apparently, I’m in the minority of this opinion because everyone seems to love the actor Michael McKeen. And the acting was just fine. I just didn’t find his character likeable at all. Especially not after he burned down a beautiful book shop!!! The horror!

And the second half of episode four, minus the harliarus bit with Crowley’s demonic cartoon intervention, felt a bit slow to me. Mostly because there was not enough of Crowley and Aziraphale! Even if Crowley was my true fave, it was not the same without both of them on screen! Their chemistry? Divine perfection!

The bits when they weren’t on the screen together, I found so slow that I was playing Candy Crush Sega on my phone while watching! It just wasn’t the same without them on the screen. Even if God’s narration was very soothing, and the kid playing Adam Young did an amazing job! With his band of friends, I got a Peter Pan vibe from his little gang. I liked how him being normal was the thing that saved the world.

This show is the kind of show you come for the bromance and stay for everything else. It’s kind of like that one cafe you know that has amazing coffee and atmosphere, but you don’t stay too long because of the annoying staff. Or, something like that.

Overall though, this series left me very satisfied. It was incredibly British, so fellow Americans might want to watch with closed captions. Especially with how quickly David Tennant talks in this one, although his accent is very dreamy as always! Yes, though, David Tennant and Michael Sheen totally stole the show in this one. And in the best kind of way!

I’d very much fancy a spin-off of Crowley and Aziraphale having misadventures skiving their angelic and demonic duties and getting away with it. Like, just enjoying life and having adorable tiff’s about what defines good and evil.

But after watching this series, I totally have to read the book now! I was pleased to hear that fans of the book also loved it. It seems critics and fans alike loved the series, and that truly feels like divine intervention because usually the critics don’t get fan-faveorite shows or have something to nitpick! So well done cast & crew of Good Omens, y’all should be VERY proud and thank you so much for such an enjoyable series! I hope to see more in the future!

What did you guys think of the series? Did you binge it all at once? Anything you would’ve changed? Do you think they’ll be a “series 2”? Let’s chat about Good Omens in the comments! And don’t forget to subscribe to join Claire’s Club!