Love Letter to Creatives! (Ode to Creativity)

Love is in the air! With it being Valentine’s Day I thought it would be a perfect time to compose an ode to you: my fellow Creative! 

Do you identify as a Creative? That’s why I started using the term “Creative” instead of “Writer” because there are just so many ways to identify as a Creative! Especially in recent years with Social Media blowing up, there is more room than ever to express yourself in unique, fun and entertaining than ever better! 

As a Creative, you likely feel at your personal best when you are either writing, journaling, crafting (and planning with stickers!), poetry, art, digital art, social media videos, daily vlogs, and so much more! The term “hobby” seems to encompass a lot of these activities. I used to be offended by the word Hobby to describe me as a writer, but now I don’t mind it because writing is my Hobby! And I’m not earning enough as a writer or write enough daily to be considered a “professional writer”. But I do identify as a Creative! Because even when I’m not making the blog posts I plan, or the days I’m not writing; I’m thinking about those activities. In fact, often times, I can’t think about anything else except my creative project! 

So productivity for Creatives can be measured differently. Because to the non-Creative, the “normal” person, it might look like us staring into space is “wasting time”. But we know better. We know we’re plotting, scheming and planning our next big idea! So looking out the window is not wasting time, it’s thinking! And thinking is part of the process of course. 

But this post is about WHY I LOVE being a Creative, and why I LOVE the Creative Community! Which I hope you feel apart of! Because in my experience, especially on Twitter, the Creative community is just so wonderful, engaging and inclusive! The best part of being in a Creative community is that it helps you not feel alone. Whether you’re feeling alone because of Social Distancing or if the type of Art you do requires solo time to get it done … it truly can feel like you’re the only one who knows what it’s like to go through the Creative process. 

“Creativity Takes Courage.” 

-Henri Matisse

Creativity is an important part of my identity not just for my writing and passion for writing, but because I also like to think that I see the world in a different way. And the fact that a lot of people don’t “Get Me” in real life, kind of proves it. But I don’t mind it. Even if that means my circle of offline friends is small but loyal, I’m totally okay with that. Between Twitter, YouTube and others, I feel totally fine. Introvert Alert! But the funny thing about me is most people I meet offline, don’t consider me an introvert because I’m totally comfortable with making small talk to anyone. I love small talk! And I’m honestly genuinely interested in how you are doing as long as you weren’t rude to me. But I do identify as an Introvert because I have social anxiety, especially in groups. 

But I want to hear from YOU! What do YOU think is so wonderful about being a Creative? Is it just fun to imagining all the infinite possibilities of new worlds, new characters and create something totally unique and interesting? Heck yeah it is! And talking about the passion behind the Creativity is important, because personally, I think it helps spark the Creative muse hearing how and why others get Creative too. I don’t know … it’s just contagious! But Creativity is one disease I don’t mind catching! Even if it consumes me like a fever.

Do you have any hot Valentines Day plans? Kind of hard on a Monday right? But regardless, I can feel the love in the air … the love of Creativity! 

Top 10 Tips on Coping With Overthinking as a Creative! #MondayBlogs

Greetings everyone! And welcome to my Monday series called Inspire to Cre8te where we deep dive into the behind the scenes of creativity including Mental Health of creatives, time management tips and more to help you feel motivated and not-alone in your creative journey!

Today we are talking about Overthinking!

Overthinking can be a killer for your muse as creatives. It can cause confusion, it can cause self-doubt, imposter syndrome or uncertainty if the project your working on is even with finishing or publishing. It can make you feel stuck.

In a Psychology Today article, they officially defined Overthinking as:

“Overthinking is a prominent characteristic of worry, rumination, and obsessive thinking.” Psychology Today then goes on to say: “…that many people have concluded that overthinking is part of their personality; they’ve not realized that strategies are available to counter this anxiety-indusing habit.”

Some writers at first might consider Overthinking a good thing because of plotting and character development needed to write their stories. And while plotting is super important, that’s not exactly what Overthinking is.

Overthinking is more like invasive thoughts that take away space in your brain for creativity.

So, what does Overthinking look like? While Overthinking can look like or have different experiences between person to person as every individual is unique, some common signs include:

  • Spending too much time on one thought or a recurring singular thought
  • Unable to relax or sleep
  • Thinking about the same thought on repeat
  • Stuck in Analysis-Paralysis
  • Unable to work on a project because too busy thinking rather than acting
  • Dwelling on the project instead of working on it

As you can imagine, it’s extremely frustrating thinking about a project rather than actually working on it, no matter how motivated or inspired you might be for the project. Sometimes it can make you feel stuck or like your letting yourself down. Yeah, if you couldn’t tell, this girl knows the feeling of Overthinking oh too well! You might say it’s the reason I haven’t been very creative the last few years. But, that could be another post for another Monday!

However, that is why I wanted to talk about Overthinking today. Because sometimes it does help knowing you’re not the only one going through it. Also, by talking about it helps normalizing talking about the mental health of creative minds, which can help spark ideas and help creatives be more productive and inspired.

So what do you think? Is Overthinking just part of some people’s personalities? Or is there actually some things that can be done about it?

Well, to quote the 11th Doctor: “I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes, and the dreamer of impossible dreams.”

Luckily, managing overthinking is in fact, possible. Here are 10 tips to get you started.

  • Start With Mindfulness. Sounds super simple but just becoming aware of the problem can help change your thinking pattern.
  • Question if the thoughts are helpful or even true. The brain loves our inner-critic and sometimes, often times, the criticism isn’t even true.
  • Try at least one action a day towards your project. Start small and build up to make creativity a habit!
  • Examine the worth of your goal: is this a good idea or just something to make me feel busy?
  • Review your WHY or your North Star. Remembering what got your excited in the first place or who you are doing it for really helps create that first spark all over again.
  • Talk about Overthinking or creativity with other creatives. I know when I’m in a creative Twitter Space, I can’t help but get even more creative!
  • Seek a therapist. Bonus if they specialize in creative individuals or Overthinking and/or Anxiety.
  • Join an accountability group! Having someone with the same creative goals as you can help you both make them!
  • Change up your working space. Does the space you create in inspire you? Even adding a plant or something simple can help shake it up!
  • Movement Every Day & Stay Hydrated! Don’t forget to take care of your body! Sometimes when we feel stuck we just need a little MOVEMENT and some good old H20 to get that noggin cooking again!

So those are just some of my thoughts on Overthinking. I know when I started researching about it, not just for this article but for myself too; it did help me become aware about it. I started falling down a rabbit hole of YouTube channels that specialized in Overthinking and how you could stop it. Here are a couple of super motivating videos that helped me: here and here for just some starters! Like mentioned, it does help not feeling like you’re the only one. Because that can lead to feeling like a “freak” or “weird” – which aren’t very helpful thoughts!

So go out there, talk to some other creative folks and get your inspiration again! Because thinking about being inspired and working on being inspired aren’t exactly the same thing. And YOU DESERVE your project to be completed!

Thanks so much for joining me today! Subscribe to this blog to join the Cre8tive Club!

Is New Year New You a Marketing Scam Or Can You Use That to Propel Your Energy?

Greetings everyone! So I’m excited today to be posting even if it’s a super late post but I have so much energy around the New Year vibe!

I used to hate “New Year New Me” since around 2012 because it legtit felt like a marketing scam. Everyone telling me to eat Avocados (which I’ve come to love, especially for my migraines!) and drinking green tea and being more mindful.

Sure, marketing DOES take advantage of it like HELL, but what if … this might sound crazy, what if there was something to it?

I put a video together explaining it better, so please be patient while it uploads.

But this year so far (three days in haha!) has been all about SHOWING UP.

Not overthinking it. Not feeling bad for doing “bare minimum” but just SHOW UP. Then see how much I have left in my tank and what else I can contribute.

And I’m going to expand on this post on a moment, but I wanted to make the midnight deadline of #MondayBlogs because I hate when people use that hashtag when it’s not Monday! So here we go! Here’s why it’s late, what the heck it has to do with New Year Goals, what my main goals are this year and what my word of the year is so stay tuned! Should have it up within the hour, but then it technically wouldn’t be Monday! Ah the curse of being a Night Owl!

But please leave in the comment what your New Year Resolution is, or Word of the Year, and let’s chat if this whole “New Year New You” is a scam or is there something to it?

Let’s go!

Don’t Wait until New Year to Start Your Goals! Because There’s Never a Perfect Time To Start! (Fitness, Creative)

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while and I’ve actually been working on this post / video all night. Might be a late Monday Blogs posting but I didn’t want to wait until next week to get this post up! Check out my YouTube video above for full reason why!

But the main reason why is there is a familiar saying, even if I might be paraphrasing it: don’t wait for things to be in perfect conditions. Start now.

And that’s why this Blog / YouTube channel got so behind. Not because of lack of ideas. Because I never felt “ready”. Either not good enough to be on camera or nothing good enough for my reader’s time. I tell you, that’s an awful feeling!

But the other major goal that has suffered from the “wait for the right time” syndrome has been my fitness goals. Because in 2020 Lockdown I gained 45 pounds. Yes, 45! And I’m on a MISSION for 2022 to lose 65 pounds to shed off my Covid weight once and for all!

Now I got Apple Fitness + back in march and my results haven’t been that great. But I don’t blame the App, because I haven’t put in my full effort! I didn’t workout every weekday like I wanted, I made excuses, and I didn’t follow through on a lot of work-out’s that I might have been able to do if I just tried.

About a year ago, a former neighbor of my parents donated their old Elliptical machine because they were moving. My dad asked if I wanted it and I said sure. But sadly it was too wide to fit into the bedroom (that’s what she said!) where my hand-me-down treadmill is so we had to stick it in the garage (that’s what she said?). So not ideal for working out, in the garage. There’s a ragtag team of spiders out to get me, the elements, neighbors who might hear me pant and wheeze … yeah, lots going on. Ain’t no five star gym that’s for sure. Not even a two star gym!

But tonight I said enough is enough! I might not have a fancy workout bike (looking at you, Peloton!) but another common saying I like is: work with what you have. And what I have is an old dusty Elliptical.

So I literally cleaned off the cobwebs, found a couple of extension cords to power her up, and well, the video has the results!

So yeah, check out the video and let me know what YOUR 2022 goals are! At the end of the video, I proposed an accountability challenge! So if your up for 10-30 minutes of any workout’s M-F let me know in the comments and we can cheer each other on!

Creative Geeky Tribe, let’s do this!

Take care everyone & be safe!


My Review of Doctor Who the Halloween Apocalypse (Spoilers!)

Greetings everyone! Hope you guys are having an amazing day! I took some time off last month but I’m back in time to review the latest episode of Doctor Who! First, how excited are you, dear Whovian, that the Doctor is BACK?! Always an exciting time to have new Doctor Who. Even if this era isn’t your most fave, you have to admit, it’s always fun to have it return.

Quick Answer: I rather enjoyed the Halloween episode over all! I would probably give it a strong 7/10 for now. However, I expect as the season of the Flux continues, I will probably increase that number over time. Why do I say that? Because this episode felt like a set-up. It introduced all the players of the story, even if it felt like all at once, and over the next few episodes we will learn more about each of them. At least that is my hope.

Now, I’m one of those weird ones who actually really enjoy Chibnall’s era of Doctor Who! I think it’s pretty bold what he’s doing, and it’s risky. I know a LOT of people are complaining that the Timeless Children plot “ruined” Doctor Who by changing the lore … even though Steven Moffat also changed the lore when he brought the Time Lords back and also broke lore with Smith’s era in the Name of the Doctor yet no one complained nearly as much as they are with Chibs. True, Moffat did it to logically explain how the Doctor can have more regenerations to keep the show going … but at the end of the day, I believe that is what Chibs is also trying to do. Giving the show infinite story possibilities and spin-off capabilities as well. However, instead of people taking time to try to appreciate what a change in the lore could mean for the future of the show, they choose to look at it that Chibs took a Poo Emoji on the past of the show deliberately or is just plain incapable of writing a good plot and labeled him the worst Showrunner ever. And, I don’t think that’s fair nor very mature response. Sadly, I don’t think Chibs will be appreciated until very many years to come, which is a shame. But I’m pleased that Chibs has thick skin, can take the hate thrown at him and move onwards. Because Chibs is a capable writer, many of last seasons episodes were quite good and even some that he wrote during RTD and Moff’s era were very enjoyable like “42” and “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” among others.

However, this isn’t a post defending Chris Chibnall’s writing, this is a post on what I thought of the Halloween Apocalypse episode and my viewing experience of AMC+ streaming service.

Although the viewing experience for this episode, and I even watched it twice to understand it better before reviewing, was subpar. I was frustrated that I was Shanghaied into subscribing to AMC+ just to watch the new episodes of Doctor Who. Because literally every other episode of Modern Who, that’s 2005-2020 lives at HBO Max, which was the streaming service I had to subscribe to last year to watch the newest Doctor Who. And let me tell you, I’m not a fan of AMC+ at all. They didn’t have very many shows that interested me outside of Doctor Who and worst of all were the commercials AND the inability to have subtitles. I even searched google for answers, Reddit you name it trying to figure out how to get stupid subtitles for streaming Doctor Who. Because, although I talk to British people on the regular through the magic of Twitter Spaces, I have a hard time understanding Jodie Whittaker when she plays the Doctor. During interviews I can understand her just fine. And don’t get me wrong, her high voltage energy is one of the things I LOVE about her! But between her fast gab and the loud music and SFX around her, it is very difficult to properly hear her and appreciate her dialogue. And she’s not the only character I have trouble with! I also have trouble with Dan in this episode. His Liverpool accent is just a little … too … much. As much as I enjoyed the character greatly. Yaz however I was able to understand just fine. She has a nice even tone voice that’s easy to pick up on, even with the music in the background.

So yeah, not having subtitles really impaired my viewing experience a little bit. But yeah, I was able to get most of the episode and I enjoyed it. I just would have enjoyed it way more if I have my usual subtitles. Even on American shows I watch with subtitles! It just helps me get immersed in the story with them on. I don’t know, it’s just my thing!

So while I didn’t enjoy the AMC+ viewing experience, I did rather like the episode itself.

I really enjoyed it because it had a high energy to it, big stakes, and fresh new perspective with introducing a new companion in Dan Lewis played by John Bishop. To be honest I hadn’t been familiar with Bishop before Doctor Who, but I can tell he is talented and a true comedic. He also seems to understand the nature of the show; that it’s about change and helping in however you can.

Yaz has a new perspective too, even if Dan hadn’t been introduced. It feels about a year or so since Graham and Ryan left the fam, and Yaz and the Doctor have been having misadventures all on their own. It’s a shame we only got a glimpse into what life was like for this amazing duo: Yaz and the Doctor. Whether you ship them as a romance or simply platonic besties; there’s no denying the amazing chemistry between Mandip Gill and Jodie Whittaker.

Personally, I’d have loved a season in between season 12 where Graham and Ryan left and the Flux season with just Yaz and the Doctor. I understand why they introduced a new companion and it was fun to have a likable everyday man who was down to Earth like Dan; but it would have been a pure joy to just have a season with Yaz and the Doctor. Personally, I think Yaz earned it. She seemed to care more about the Doctor and not just about the adventure like Ryan appeared to or a means to escape grieving a loved one like Graham. Yaz was constantly checking in on the Doctor, called her the most amazing person she ever met, and just had the most “companion vibe” of the Fam in my opinion. It wasn’t really until last year’s New Years Eve special that it felt like all of them had totally and completely cared about the Doctor … but that could have been just the pacing of the previous episodes.

Regarding the episode, I enjoyed that it felt like previous Doctor Who episodes we’re already familiar with, in a good way. It especially reminded the David Tennant special The End of Time Part 1 how it was a setup of all the players of the story such as the Master, Wilf’s dream and the people who kidnap the Master. Similarly, the Halloween Apocalypse had a similar setup impression. We were introduced to how Yaz is now the seasoned companion and solo companion of the Doctor. She can sense when the Doctor is being truthful or closed off and she is comfortable enough as the Doctor’s best friend to call her out when she’s not being totally honest with Yaz or withholding from her, being cold. Yaz worries that means she doesn’t care about Yaz as much as Yaz as the Doctor. We’re also introduced to some old British in topmast digging a mysterious project, Dan impersonating a museum guide for his passion of his home city of Liverpool; his friend and maybe romantic interest Diane; a mysterious woman who claims to have met the Doctor in her past, maybe? called Claire! Love having my name officially in the cannon! And we’re introduced to the Swarm and his sister; the Sontarans are back and so are the Weeping Angels.

Plus, there’s the mysterious Flux that sends a dog-like species called the Lupa who are duty-bound to rescue humans in case of galactic cataclysmic events such as the Flux. Which conveniently the Lupa who was chasing the Doctor and Yaz (or rather, they were chasing him for information on the Division) called Karvanista. Karvanista becomes a huge player in the episode when he kidnaps human from Liverpool, Dan Lewis. It’s unclear exactly why Dan was chosen, especially when Karvanista even agreed with Dan that he wasn’t special or remarkable, he was just “his human” as each Lupa are “species bound” with the human.

So yeah, there are a few technical plot holes there if you think about it logically. But isn’t that almost every single Doctor Who episode? Time Wimey and all that.

Although the logistics of how the Lupa choose their humans are a bit of a head scratcher; I love the idea of embracing “rescue pet” culture except in this episode, it’s the humans that are needing rescuing! Very cute twist on having a rescue pet, lol.

Overall though, despite having so many players in one episode … I enjoyed it! It felt so good to have Doctor Who back, even if my brain was like: “wait, what?” through most of the episode … it was a great re-watch and so fun to have a Halloween episode.

Lots of questions and fan theories left, and that’s part of the fun of the Doctor Who community!!!

So what do you think of the latest episode of the Doctor Who Flux? Are you excited to see where the story goes? What about Claire and Diane what do you think happened to them? Let’s chat about it in the comments below!