7 Reasons Why Back To School Is Fantastic for Authors & Creatives! #MondayBlogs


For a few weeks now, there’s a great chance that your inbox has been spammed with Back to School promos.
Here’s one more Back to School post for you.
But this one isn’t cringe-worthy like the annoying Target and Staples ads. It’s like we get it: you sell office supplies!
But here’s why that’s a great thing, even if you’re not a teacher and don’t have kids like me. For creatives, this can be the best time of the year! Here’s why:


1) Sales, sales, sales!

Well this one is a major no-duh! Oh, but how I love great sales! Target, Walmart, Staples, Office Depot, Office Max — they all have ah-maz-ing sales this time of year! So sharpen your pair of scissors for coupon clipping and let the sales hunting begin!


2) Stock Up

With all these amazing sales you can stock up! Stores like Target and Walmart love to target (no pun intended) “going back to college” so you can find some steals on coffee makers, basic kitchen stuff and also STORAGE ORGANIZATION! Why wait until the end of the year to do your master filing? Get a head start now!


3) Did Someone Say New Notebooks?

Is it just me, or is there something MAGICALLY INSPIRING about a new notebook? Even if you’re not a writer, a new book just SCREAMS endless possibilities. The world is your fucking oyster. Just got to know what you want to do first. And a notebook can help inspire you to define your goals. And this is extra perfect if you’re into Bullet Journaling — or BUJO as the Interwebs passionately calls it.
Bottom line: everyone can use a notebook or three, and now is the time to get them!


4) Never Worry About Losing Your Fave Pen!

Don’t you hate it when your co-workers or family members steal your pens? Can you say rude? Well with the Back to School sale, you can stock up on cheap pens to have on hand to pass out, so you can save the special pens just for you!

5) Stock up on Healthy Stuff too

This is like a second new-year’s where “new year new you” is thrown back. Did you fail your new-year’s goal? That’s okay! The year’s not over yet! So stock up on vitamins, protein powders, and all the healthy things to get you pumped to end the year on a strong note! You can often find these sales with the ‘Back to College’ section. Just because you’ve graduated school, doesn’t mean you can afford to flunk out on these deals!


6) Tech Can Sometimes Be on Sale

Although more common sales in the beginning of summer for the ‘Dads & Grads’ sales, a lot of times laptops, cell phones and tablets can be found on sale trying to get the college-bound student prepared in style.


7) Feel Nostalgic

Okay, even though you might not NEED anything to stock up on, doesn’t it get you a little nostalgic for the college days?  Do you ever find yourself wondering what you would have done differently? Or what advice would you give someone just starting school if you could? Or are you happy with how your school experiences turned out? Share in the comments if this time of year leaves you feeling nostalgic for the school days.


Do you love this time of year? Or are you sick of all the Back to School ads? Share in the comments down below!


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