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#Twitter #Notifications … Are They Useful or Annoying? #SocialMediaTip

Hey guys! Welcome back to Claire Cre8tes where we believe in passing creativity on. And you know, a great place for creativity, is TWITTER! 😀

[bctt tweet="A great place for Creativity is TWITTER!"]


I’ve been around Twitter, since 2010. And although I only have 5,000 followers, which for nine years might not seem like a whole lot of followers … but to be honest, I didn’t join Twitter to gain tons and tons of followers. I joined Twitter because my friend @JetLBomb told me it was a great place to connect with writers, and connect to other people who love talking about writing and to share your ideas.

So I was like: “oh, that sounds awesome! And it’s free you say? Sign me up!” So I totally did!

Since 2010 there’s been TONS of userhandles I’ve had over the years because remember I said I was that friend who can’t make up her mind? Yeah, that applied to Twitter too! But for right now, and it looks like it’s here to stay; I’m @ClaireCret8es.

Even after all these years, I still LOVE Twitter! Seriously, it’s one of my fave things on the Internet!

Last year Twitter quietly rolled out an update on a feature called “mobile notifications”.

That means that if you go to somebody’s profile on your phone or desktop, and select the little bell (similar to the bell on YouTube); you can select “all notifications” or “video notifications”.

Honestly, I wish Twitter had more segments that you can choose what type of notifications you can choose from. To be honest, I’m not quite sure the usefulness of “video notifications”. If you have suggestions for the handiness of this feature, please share in the comments below! I’d love to hear how you use this feature and maybe change my mind that it’s actually a way cool feature to use.

But for now, as of the timing of this posting (April 25, 2019); you can only select those two notifications.

“All Notifications” is super useful because Twitter doesn’t make it easy to remember who you follow the most, who replies to you the most … that kind of thing. You have to go through a third party app to that. Same with Instagram.  So it’s really frustrating to remember who you engage the most with. At least for me, who has a horrible memory with names. While I never forget a face, names are like very difficult for me to keep track of. As are dates.

But the notifications feature has been around since July 2018. And the question remains: is it useful or annoying to have the notifications enabled?

At first I was really excited for this feature. I plugged on ANYONE who talked about Doctor Who, I plugged on Gary Vee for some daily motivation, my fave Doctor Who account (one of my faves!) Women of Who, and Wendy, and others who constantly and brilliantly tweet about Doctor Who.

And for a while, it was GREAT!

I say for a while because as soon as Season 11 premiered in October, I totally freaked out because I was so paranoid about spoilers.


I was really concerned about spoilers, afraid that everything would be revealed before I had a chance to watch it. And I agree with River Song that spoilers are bad. I was especially paranoid of spoilers because I don’t have cable, and I don’t have BBC America. So I have to wait until the next day to buy the new episode on Amazon. And I truly was concerned that I’d have everything ruined for me. I didn’t want anything spoiled for me at all.

So I avoided checking news sites, I avoided checking Facebook and everything!

I was especially concerned with all the notifications that I had turned on a few months before the new season, especially since most of my Timeline is Doctor Who fans. I thought what am I going to do?

So what I did was turn off ALL notifications under the app setting of my iPhone. Because I couldn’t remember who I had turned on notifications. Like I said, I went crazy with the feature when it first came out because I thought it was great at first. And it was! But it’s not so great if you want to avoid spoilers of your fave TV show, lol.

I had to turn off the badges, I had to turn off the drop screen notifications, I turned them ALL off. So while Doctor Who was on, I wasn’t getting anyone’s Tweets at all. It was a strange feeling.

But you know what I realized?

It was kind of nice! *exhale deep, zen breath*


It was ALMOST serene. Almost, because you know, social media is still always noisy.

But yeah, it still felt like kinda a nice break.

Since then, though, I have left OFF my Twitter notifications. It’s true.

To this day, I still don’t miss them! I know, I’m surprised too.

So are Twitter notifications “annoying”?

Welllllllllll … for ME they were because I didn’t want any spoilers of Doctor Who.

But if you’re not worried about spoilers or anything like that, they can be SUPER useful.

Think about it. During basketball season you can turn on notifications of all your teams! If you’re looking for a certain, let’s say news story like politics you can follow all your fave politicians. It can be super, SUPER useful.

However, you can also go a little overboard on the notifications without even realizing it like I did, lol!

So are they annoying though? Well, I recommend checking them out and giving them a try! That way you can see if it’s right for you for a little bit. I also recommend making some type of list of maybe your top five, ten, twenty of the people on Twitter you interact with the most on a regular basis. That way you remember their username if you decide to turn off notifications in the future.

It’s easy for the notifications to get overwhelming especially with how fast Twitter moves. It’s like when I go on Facebook, it feels super sluggish because I’m so used to Twitter!

[bctt tweet="It's easy for the notifications to get overwhelming especially with how fast Twitter moves."]

But in general, the notification bell is a great tool. It just can also be overwhelming. I still LOVE Twitter though, I have since 2010. While there have been years where I’ve not been on Twitter at all, I still go back to it regularly. The GIF’s are my fave part of Twitter! Finding the right gif to respond to a Tweet just feels like pure magic.

It’s a big fun platform, Twitter. So make sure you sign up if you haven’t already!

It can be a very scary place if you don’t like to be judged. So I recommend to stay out of the political section of Twitter if that’s not your thing! But there’s also AMAZING communities and people on board Twitter. It’s incredible!

Unfortunately, though, we’ve accepted a culture where it’s acceptable to be totally rude to someone you disagree with instead of trying to work together with them and seeing their point of view. I would totally love a culture shift where we work together despite our different political views. But sadly, I don’t see that happening any time soon. Just have to make an effort to be kind ourselves! Anyway, that could be a topic for another day.

I could seriously talk about Twitter all day.

In conclusion, I recommend to try Twitter notifications for a week and see how it suits you. If you feel like you’re going crazy with all the notifications (I recommend sound off), then go ahead and turn off the notification feature via the app setting. But if you find yourself loving it, it just might be the coolest feature of Twitter!

How do you stay organized on Twitter? Share in the comments and let’s chat!

Happy Creating,


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All the Reasons I Love the #HappyPlanner! #PlannerTalks

Hey guys! How’s it going? There’s a LOT of planner choices out there, but my favorite is the Happy Planner! So many reasons to love it, let me see if I really can count the ways!


I’ve been using the Happy Planner religiously since 2016, but have been exploring it since 2014. From 2014-2016 I was mainly an Erin Condren girl! And while I still love my EC, I just LOVE how much more for your buck you get with the Happy Planner. Now, not here to start a debate! I just personally feel you get more products for less money. One may argue EC is better quality, and that to me depends on how you’re defining “quality”. I love them both! But lately, I’ve been dedicated to HP!


It’s true! There are probably 100 or more reasons to love the Happy Planner lineup! From being totally customize-able from the super cute covers, to add-on options, ring sizes and colors to the tons of accessories, I’ve been completely hooked on HP! But the main reason I switched from other planner systems to HP was the price! So much more affordable than some other super popular name brand planners.


The cute factor and sheer functionality of HP is my love! But if I had to pick just ONE reason to love HP: it’s the stickers!


Some might call filling your planner with cute, functional and inspiring stickers immature or childish, but to those people, I say: whaaaaaat?



Seriously, those stickers are motivating AF! They give me totes inspiration to do ALL the things. And as someone with PT depression and FT anxiety, they are a total stress reliever and can make me smile for a moment on my down days.



When I get out of my planner mojo, and take a break for a month or more; I notice I don’t even TRY to meet my goals. So while I don’t know the science of why stickers are so motivating, but I can tell you, they work!


But yeah, having a cute planner that you can open every day that you customized yourself, is super inspiring. Another great feature of the Happy Planner system is that you can customize the size and colors of your discs (or some people call them rings) and you can also get a special punch so you can add any paper at all inside your planner. Endless possibilities! Great for receipts, travel items itinerary or memory keeping.


So budget friendly, amazing add-on’s for different goals, and stickers, stickers, stickers! It’s no wonder my heart, and my wallet, is addicted to the Happy Planner! Hey, no one said being a Planner Girl was cheap, but I couldn’t imagine my life without it!


[bctt tweet=”So budget friendly, amazing add-on’s for different goals, and stickers, stickers, stickers! It’s no wonder my heart, and my wallet, is addicted to the #HappyPlanner!”]


But no matter what planner system you go with, the best part about being a Planner Girl, is YOU! Yes you! The Planner community is just simply amazing! So thanks for all the inspiration!


[bctt tweet= “The best part about being a Planner Girl, is YOU! Yes you! The Planner community is just simply amazing! So thanks for all the inspiration!”]


It’s been so amazing to connect with so many amazing planner girls and planner guys. While it can be dangerous to admire everyone’s planner spread, because it’s tempting to go out and buy that product used, it is certainly a fulfilling community!


So while it was getting a little expensive being a planner addict, but honestly and truly getting to know the members in the community with the goals of having a well planned life (even if the plans don’t go accordingly!) has been so much fun. It’s been fun getting to see everyone’s planner style, since each has their own unique preference!


And one doesn’t need to be a parent or teacher / student to have a great planner. I use my planners to keep track of my social media, writing goals, and housework.


My only annoyance with the planner community for Happy Planners is when launch comes around and some folks buy products so they are out of stock, and then sell them on Wish or Amazon. Is my annoyance! Some of us need the new products too lol.


But yeah I used to not understand what the “deal” was with the planner obsession, but after joining the community I totally got it and got hooked! Life is so much better with a cute and functional planner at your side!


Well that’s it for today, Planner Pals. Hit subscribe to join Claire’s Planner Club, and I’ll see you on the next one!


Happy Creating!


The Happy Planner trademark and products copyright Create 365 all rights reserved!

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Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego: Binge or Cringe? Full Review!



There was no right or wrong. Thievery was a competition. A game.
               -Carmen Sandiego


*acapella original theme song*  What’s up gumeshoes! Agent Claire here from A.C.M.E. and unfortunately the Nard Dog never taught me how to properly acapella my heart out, but hopefully you recognized some of the notes from the Rockapella hit and super catchy original game show theme song ‘ Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” Which brings us to today’s topic: Is Netflix’s 90’s reboot an overrated gem and totally worth the binge? Or is it more cringe? Gumshoes, let’s find out!


Don’t call it a comeback! But Carmen Sandiego is back on our TV screens and gliding into our hearts. This reboot is truly a reboot rather than a revival. A revival is a continuation of the classic series, much like the revival of Dr. Who – which has constant call-back’s and references of the classic series. While I don’t remember much from the original Carmen Sandiego cartoon series turned out that lack of memory was no problem  as it was completely different and never referred to her past adventures. In fact the show focuses more on how she became Carmen Sandiego, so it’s almost an origin story rather than a reboot. That is, if the original show decides to consider the Netflix version part of Carmen’s cannon.


[bctt tweet=”In fact the show focuses more on how she became Carmen Sandiego, so it’s almost an origin story rather than a reboot.”]

I did find a channel on YouTube airing the classic cartoon, and I have to say: I remember loving the game show’s acapella theme song much better than the cartoon’s theme song. However I did like the cartoon’s acme team and how they made it a video game, asking the “Player” to “C5” them to the location they have to go to catch Carmen.


However, in Netflix’s version, it’s more like real life and “Player” is a hacker from Canadian and Carmen’s first friend from the outside world of the thieving academy.


While Zach and Ivy were in the original cartoon, and also siblings, they worked for ACME in the original that helped catch Carmen Sandiego rather than be her alley like in Netflix’s version. So if you do have a great memory, and remember the cartoon well; you might be a bit thrown off.
After watching a few episodes of the classic cartoon on YouTube (link will be posted below!) I thought it was a nice touch on the Netflix original that they kept Zach and Ivy as siblings. It’d be interesting if we get more of a background for these sidekicks in Season 2, to see if like Carmen if they also have a background in thievery.


While some of the critics online are disappointed that Carmen’s a hero, I say: hold the phone! Yes she considers herself not to be a bad guy, in the eyes of the law: she’s a master villainous thief! I love the duplexity element of being a ‘lawful evil’ type character.


Another cute twist they added was when, and if, Carmen gets a profit she picks her “favorite charity” to “donate” the funds. This reminds me of Facebook, which gives us the option to donate to a charity of choice rather than gifts from friends.


It was also cute that the detective’s assistant is much more astute than he was. It was very real world that the white man gets credit for a woman’s theory or idea. Hey, I’m just saying! I think, however, Carmen agrees with me when she helps Julia by letting her be the one to put a stolen artifact back in it’s rightful place.


And if you’re watching this rebooted series and thinking that the story is very well written for a “kids show” and feels VERY 90’s … you would be correct! I don’t think it’s a fluke the show feels that way, either. I think it’s because it was written by Duane Capizzi. After checking it out on Wikipedia, it turns out he also worked on 90’s greats like Disney’s animated series Aladdin, Tale Spin, Bonkers, and more! I hope that Carmen Sandiego gets a greenlight for season 2, because that’s a seriously talented writer!

[bctt tweet=”I hope that Carmen Sandiego gets a greenlight for season 2, because that’s a seriously talented writer!”]

In season 2 I hope for some more historical and geological facts given by Player and Carmen. Their banter is totally cute and it reminds me a lot of Carmen Sandiego’s origins by being an educational computer game. The writer’s make the knowledge fit naturally in the the show’s flow, and doesn’t interrupt it or in your face like the 90’s cartoon was about the facts. It’d be cute if Player makes it like a game show for her, nodding to the 90’s awesome gameshow of the same franchise.


But in season 1, I give it total binge status! It’s animation style reminds me of Samurai Jack’s animation with the dark lines and bold colors. It did take a little getting used to, Carmen Sandiego’s show style. But by the end of episode 1, I was totally hooked!


As a 90’s kid, a fan of the original show AND the game show, I give Netflix’s reboot: a binge status! YAY! Is worth giving it a day to watch if you’ve got some time to kill, but I enjoyed watching an episode a night and stretching it out.


Carmen and Player’s banter was totally my fave part of the show, but Carmen’s backstory mystery kept me guessing the whole time. Zach and Ivy give the show comedic relief, especially Zach, and they aren’t too annoying about it.


Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego is a good fit for both parents and kids to enjoy and everyone in between! If you’re craving the 90’s, this is a great show to wet your appetite!


So what’s on Netflix tonight for you? It just might be Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego!


How about you, what did you think of the news when it was released, have you watched it yet? What did you think? Let’s chat in the comments!


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#MondayBlogs: How To Be #Creative Every Single Time!

Welcome to Claire Cre8tes! My shiny new channel that’s all about #AmWritiing, productivity, creativity, and Geek culture! I can seriously talk about writing all day long! But ain’t nobody got time for that! So let’s stick to today’s topic! If people actually knew who I was, they would ask me: where do you get your ideas?


Well I actually have the opposite problem where I have way too many ideas! It creates a very real struggle of being able to focus on one project and complete it before I finish a project.


[bctt tweet=”Having too many ideas creates a very real struggle of being able to focus on one project and complete it before I finish the first idea.” #amwriting #creative #passcreativityon]


So do I have any ideas on how to beat creative block? Oh boy, do I! My most favorite tip is coming up, so stay tuned for that! And don’t forget to share this post on Twitter, you never know who in the #AmWriting community can use a bit of creative motivation today!


I’m going to cut to the chase here: there is nothing divine or mysterious about inspiration! No greek goddess has descended from another era or dimension to give you your epic ideas! As awesome as they feel when you do get a brilliant idea, it is both satisfying and at the same time completely terrifying that they came from you. Yes, you!


[bctt tweet=”As awesome as they feel when you do get a brilliant idea, it is both satisfying and at the same time completely terrifying that they came from you. Yes, you!” #amwriting #creative]


That same person who thought it was a good idea to put that embarrassing thing in your mouth when you were three years old!


It’s a terrifying notion that great ideas can come from you, because you might either be wondering if you’re good enough to execute these ideas or if because they did come from you, are they actually good ideas?


My greatest advice is to just give it a try! Who knows if it’s a great idea or not. Certainly you won’t know until you try, show it to a few people, and ask them!


[bctt tweet=”My greatest advice is to just give your idea a try!” #creative]


It’s also equally important to be you! You’ve heard that motivational quote: just do you.  I know you have! If you have even been on the Internet, like ever, I know you’ve heard it! But that cliche quote applies to writing, too.


If you simply try to write ideas based on sellability* it won’t be as easy to write as your passion projects, that’s almost an absolute guarantee! So it’s important to find a genre, a story or a character you can’t get enough of writing about. Your passion will be able to be read off the page. But be careful, because likewise, you’re boredom can also be sensed by the readers as well! Think of readers like Jedi Masters, they can sense when the author has stopped caring!


[bctt tweet=”Think of #readers like #Jedi Masters, they can sense when the #author has stopped caring!.” #amreading #creative]


And if all else fails, as positively cliche as it is, my #1 tip aside from just to be you, is remember that book you read that made you want to be an author in the first place! I.E: remember why you started! For me, it was the first Harry Potter book in 1997; it would have been in the 6th grade. And it made me want to write a book that inspired people, too. And sure it took me 20 years later, but I have!


Basically when I am feeling the most stuck, I pause what I’m working on and start something new. I get inspiration from hearing other authors talk about writing. I turn to Twitter for the #AmWriting community. I remember why I started.


[bctt tweet=”Basically when I am feeling the most stuck, I pause what I’m working on and start something new.” #creative #creativeproblems]


And funny thing, when all else fails and I try to give up being an author and go to being normal: I find I hate being normal and go back to writing. So sometimes taking a break is also all that is needed.


What about you? What writing tips do you have to get rid of creative block?  Share in the comments!


Thanks so much for joining me today, and I look forward meeting you in the next one!


Happy writing!


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New Brand Alert! New Mission! Claire Cre8tes! Pass Creativity On!

Hey guys! Wow it’s been a LONG time since I posted! To encourage more posting, I even upgraded to the “business” plan of WordPress.Com. I chose WordPress.Com over WordPress.Org because with the .Com version you get a better community version. With the .Org version there is lacking of community but better plugins. With the upgrade of .Com I get the community AND the plugins! But it’s expensive. Like $300 expensive, yikes! Still, I thought that was a better use of my tax refund monies than say, more Happy Planner supplies, which I’m totally obsessed with!

WATCH how I grew on my YouTube journey over the years and finally decided on a brand name I can stick with “Claire Cre8tes”!


Also on this blog I’m not going to separate my passions.

The last few years I’ve been separating my passions because I thought it looked more professional. And, it probably did.

But it was very time consuming to do this, and very un-inspiring. And thus, I haven’t felt like posting anything! So that’s not helping anyone either.

So the hell with looking professional. I love that motivational quote: done is better than perfect.

And sometimes, we have to remind ourselves of this! Especially me in my writing. Because I’ll spend years editing, and not producing anything during that time because I’m so busy obsessing over small things. And for indie authors, people are way harsher on reviewing, so even with all those years editing they say it’s still not enough.

[bctt tweet=”So yeah! I am letting go of perfectionism.
Or, erm, trying to.”]

And I’m blending my passions together! So this site will look a little random, because that’s just how I roll. I tried to roll in order, and I was miserable.

[bctt tweet=”But this brand is all about passing creativity on!”]

So expect lots of creative prompts, sharing of other creative bloggers, hopefully some interviews and a little bit of everything in between. There’s something for planner people, people who love productivity, Geek culture references, reviews, social media tips and much more! If it’s about creativity, I’ll try to cover it!

[bctt tweet=”Because I believe, to be creative, is to be human.”]

So be sure to subscribe to this blog, and my YouTube channel and I’ll catch you on the next one!

Happy Creating,