🌺 With Winter Ending, My Creativity Can Blossom! #MondayBlogs

Hey guys! Welcome back to Claire Creates!

So this winter I’ve totally let stress and “real life” get in the way of my creativity. I mean not only have I not been writing; but I haven’t even created content in like a month or so. Yikes! And to tell you the truth, I’ve missed blogging!

I’ve missed connecting with you all & finding out what your into as well.

But with winter ending, and me trying not to fixate on the stress of life so much, it’s time to put my creativity to work. Because what’s the point of having so many ideas floating in my head if I don’t do anything about it? Exactly, nothing.

If there’s a topic or question about creativity or writing you would love to talk about, please share in the comments below! I’d be more than happy to discuss next week or try to answer any questions as much as I can. Because this space is YOURS as much as it is mine! Us creatives got to stick together after all!

But I figured 3+ months of half-assing my creative projects is long enough! Plus, I wasn’t very creative in 2019 either. And not practicing my hobbies, my passions … made me feel like an imposter blogging about inspiring others when I felt so incredibly … uninspired!

Now that winter is over and I decided to do a “spring cleaning” on my creative outlook too! I’m going to try and discipline myself to write every day … even if I “don’t feel like it” … which is usually how I feel, lol.

Currently, I’m in the mood to write something fun. Almost silly! But I have no idea what.

So congratulations stress, you win!

Because running out of ideas has -never- been a problem for me! Eek!

But you know what? Even though I’ve taken a break from creativity like Ross declared an annoying amount of times on Friends he was taking a break with Rachel … I still identified myself as a creative. Because I tried being “normal” once. I didn’t like it.

So, yeah, this post is rather short. But I’m trying to get in the practice of consistently posting rather than perfection. I have that problem with writing, too. Leaving it well enough alone! Anyone else like that? Unable to let it go and edit it one more time?

Anyway, this spring I’m going to TRY and set my creativity free by “practicing” every day! Even if it’s just for thirty minutes. Because a little bit a day can really help sharpen the muse and let it grow!

Until next time, stay creative, stay geeky … stay you!


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